11 of the best shows from 2021 to stream on Netflix

As Netflix has become more and more ubiquitous, it has also become difficult to sift through the seemingly endless list of shows on the service. There are plenty, from reality shows about questionable animal lords to a slew of video game mods. Sure, really big things rise to the top – squid gameAnd Bridgeton, etc – but there’s also a lot that’s easy to miss.

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This popular streaming network offers one person basic service for $8.99 per month, one or two person standard service with HD at $13.99 per month, and four person premium service with Ultra HD at $17.99 per month.

Lucky for you, you’ve spent quite a bit of time keeping up with the latest releases and are back with 10 series that will surely add to your Netflix spin: everything from horrific horrors to comfort food sitcoms to laid-back, post-apocalyptic events.


mysterious It is a series based on the long-running game League of Legends, but you don’t have to know anything about the game to enjoy it. In fact, this animation show is a great introduction to league and its steampunk-meet-fantasy world. The story follows a handful of characters in a bustling city that is rapidly changing thanks to new technology that can harness the power of magic. Things move at a fast pace, which makes them great for turbulence, and oh, my gosh, it’s animation unbelievable. This might be the best looking animation project since then Spider-Man inside the spider world. Once completed, there is a brand new League of Legends The RPG is the perfect follow up.

squid game

If you haven’t already watched squid game By now, you’re probably at least aware of that. was the show Everywhere In 2021, from social media to Halloween costumes β€” and for good reason. The story follows a disturbing competition where hundreds of players, all suffering financially, compete in different kids games for a chance to win a huge cash prize. The point is that all games are deadly, and reaching the end means being the only survivor. What follows is a shocking indictment of class and capitalism and also just a really cool show that will keep you on edge the whole time. At least you’ll have some time to catch your breath before season two.

destined to perish

Show titles don’t get more literal than destined to perish. The show is about a mysterious phenomenon in which angel-like beings begin to appear in front of people, telling them that they are destined for Hell. Even worse, they are given a set amount of time so they know exactly how long they have left to live. When that time comes, terrifying monsters attack, resulting in some very bloody deaths. These harrowing episodes lie at the heart of the show, but they’re also often an excuse to explore deeper questions about everything from the power of religion to internet-backed mobs. destined to perish It also does not exceed its welcome: at only six episodes, it is a mainstay of the balcony.

the magician

the magicianIts first season helped establish it as one of the best dark fantasy epics around, combining political intrigue and fearsome monsters with plenty of sex and humor. It was tense and bloody but also fun. Now we have a second season, leaning a bit more toward the serious side, but still managing to be a great hour thanks to an amazing cast, led by the walrus-as-always Geralt, played by Henry Cavill. And the franchise continues to grow: There’s an animated pre-show now and a last live show starring Michelle Yeoh on the way.

nailed it

Sometimes you just need to turn your mind off, and there are few better ways to do that than watching comedian Nicole Byers and chef Jack Torres host a contest for the world’s worst bakers. what makes nailed it It works so well that, other than the undeniable chemistry of its hosts, is that everyone shares the joke, so you’ll never feel guilty laughing when someone serves up a stack of icing that’s meant to be a cake.

sweet tooth

There are plenty of post-apocalyptic shows, the vast majority of which are bleak and depressing. sweet tooth This is mostly avoided. Partly, it’s due to the Americana vibe, which makes the apocalypse feel almost relaxed. But most of it goes back to the main character Sweet Tooth himself. The series’ version of the apocalypse begins when disease wipes out much of the population, coinciding with the mysterious appearance of human-human hybrids. The story revolves around Sweet Tooth, a young boy with horns whose wide-eyed curiosity and infectious cheerfulness makes it impossible not to root him. The show is still dark and often uncomfortable, but he has enough hope to make it tolerable.

New cherry flavor

If there was the opposite of comfortable viewing, it would be New cherry flavor. The horror series follows a budding director who turns to a witch in order to get revenge on a backstabbing producer. From there, things get increasingly terrifying but in a way that is hard to look away from. New cherry flavor It especially excels when it comes to body dread; There are a few disturbing scenes that will stay with you long after you finish watching.

sex education

sex education It is one of the rare high school dramas that keeps getting better. The show ostensibly revolves around a therapist, played by Gillian Anderson, and her son, as they (separately) help everyone around them with sex-related issues. But in that simple sense, the show has thrived to be one of the most frank and diverse explorations of sexuality on television. It’s a pleasure to watch these characters grow over time, and the new third season does a great job of introducing a lot of change without taking away from what makes the show run so well.

Midnight Mass

Director Mike Flanagan has an amazing selection of horror anthologies on Netflix. I started with Chase Hill House, continue with The chase from Bly Manor, and now we have Midnight Mass. The latest series has plenty of things that will be familiar to fans of his work β€” a turbulent family, mysterious supernatural elements, and very long monologues β€” but it also takes a turn into more straightforward horror. It takes a while to get started, but when Midnight Mass Ultimately, it becomes a sweet mixture of fear and heartbreak that reaches fever pitch with a really wild and bloody final episode.


What’s the deal with classic series on streaming services? While it’s the original series that usually define the scenes, the older shows are also a big part of the work. This is why Netflix does a great deal of fetching every episode Seinfeld For service earlier this year. And for a display that’s largely a ’90s product, it manages to stand up well into 2021 – as long as you’re not too bothered by its aspect ratios.

Call my agent!

Call my agent!
Photo: Netflix

Netflix has recently shown a number of series from non-English speaking countries, and among the most enjoyable are Call my agent! This French comedy takes us through four seasons of trials and tribulations for a Paris talent company as they grapple with thirsty movie stars (played as caricatured versions by real actors), tough love affairs, and desperate attempts to keep their faltering agency afloat. String (originally called ten percent or “ten percent”) was so successful that it spawned a few matches and an upcoming fifth season. (Barbara Krasnov)

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