18 TV Ships That Sent Us Swooning in 2021

Did at least one of our favorite TV ships meet a tragic end in 2021? Yes, I did. But still, there’s been a lot of things you’ll fall in love with on our screens in the past year.

That’s why we focus on the positive now. After all, there are a lot of couples who are still going strong (like 9-1-1And NCIS: Los Angeles, And the light). And there were quite a few weddings (such as the day The legends of tomorrow in the capitalAnd Winona Earp, And Chicago PD). Additionally, some shows have seen couples move from “would they/won’t they” to “yes, finally, they have” (like New Amsterdam And the resident).

So let’s celebrate these relationships. Scroll down to see the ships we’ve had this year on TV. (Note: To be eligible, new episodes must air in 2021 And The couple had to be together, so, sorry, evil Fans, but that final kiss doesn’t make the cut, and stranger from homeSeason 5 ended in 2020.)

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