21 Of The Best ‘Succession’ Season 3 Lines

One of the few pure and unmistakably sweet delights of 2021 was the return of HBO’s long-awaited “Succession” this fall. After being postponed due to the pandemic, the show’s third season has risen to new heights. Week after week, writing about ‘Succession’ is some of the best currently on TV, producing endless quotable and emotionally-expressive lines.

What makes the ‘Succession’ font great? Among other things, precision, intensity, fun, the ability to live rent-free in our minds or all of the above.

This list of wonderful fonts, arranged chronologically, would have gone on forever. So if something isn’t, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t an excellent piece of writing. As Cousin Greg explained: “The title is, uh, the internet is big, ah, obviously, ah, and I didn’t, I can’t, I couldn’t read it all, but I’m working through it, I guess.”

“Who said I didn’t kill anyone?” Kendall (Jeremy Strong)

At the beginning of the season, this line, followed by the sly smile on his face, was very funny. But now, it seems prescient and scary, given the amount of car accident that happened in Season 1, when Kendall actually killed someone, making a big appearance in the last two episodes of Season 3.

“We got it.” Hugo (Fisher Stevens)

The sequel, “We hear/Here for you”.

“Do you know how many emails I get per day? I don’t read my emails!” – Logan (Brian Cox)

Yes, Logan used his mountain of denial of blame emails to cover up many of the Waystar scandals. But also, this is very related. I apologize if I missed your email.

“It’s kind of a greeting card from hell. It’s a death squad in Times New Roman.” – Connor (Alan Rock)

This is Connor’s description of Schiff’s letter attacking Kendall after the Roy siblings decided not to join Kendall in his turn against their father. It’s not necessarily the most memorable or funniest font. But it captures the remarkable precision and depth of writing in this show. “Times New Roman firing squad” isn’t something anyone can realistically blow up. But once you read and hear it, you’ll know exactly what it means.

“Well, I guess the government is not a distributor of silly biz. You don’t press a button and something pops up on the other end.” – Jerry (J. Smith Cameron)

Jerry, Waystar’s general counsel and acting CEO (and often the most competent person in the room), is enjoying one of her best moments during a tense FBI raid on the company. It was probably one of the few times in his life that Logan realized that I can not Get out of fiasco by telling someone to walk away, pay them, or outsmart them in the maneuver.

“That just doesn’t work for me. So, damn you and God bless you.” – Kendall

“Little Lord Fuckleroy” ends a phone call with his father, brothers and Waystar executives. “Caliphate” has the best encyclopedia of insults, greetings and references.

“Nice and strong. strong one. Strong for a man.” — Cousin Greg (Nicholas Brown)

Cousin orders Greg to drink rum and Coke absurdly early in the morning, urged by Logan, who calls Greg to a meeting to bribe him to abandon Kendall’s coup attempt.

I now used to call my drinks “strong for a man.” The way Brown, the giant, holds the small glass with both hands is perfect.

And also, the runner-up from the same scene: “Different times. Different times indeed. Better times? Not for everyone.” And Brian Cox’s ad for “Coca-Cola” lives on rent-free in my mind, as well as communicating “What Greg wants, Greg should have!” One of the fun things about watching “The Caliphate” is that there’s a lot going on at every moment.

“We’re about to lose the company at the shareholder meeting, all because you won’t give our damned dad Evian in time. Good day!” – Roman (Kieran Culkin)

Again, it’s precision here. Not only “You’re not going to give our dad some water so he doesn’t collapse while hiking in the Hamptons and stubbornly insist he doesn’t need any help!” It’s the peculiarity of “Damned Evian in Time.” Also, I’d like to try to end the phone call with an angry “Good day!”

“I was going to castrate you and marry you in a heartbeat.” Tom (Matthew McFadden)

Tom and Greg, A (Highly Toxic) Love Story. This is the scene where Tom tells Gregg a seemingly random story about Nero and Sporus (Greg replies “Not the IP I know very well”). But all this would make sense later – especially the following sentence: “Nero pushed his wife down the stairs.” Oh boy, we didn’t know what Tom had up his sleeve.

Kendall’s MVP Assistant Jess’ Facepalm-Eyeroll Combo (Julianna Canfield)

This isn’t even a line of dialogue, just a rent-free moment in my mind. A giant pet rabbit fell ill for Kendall’s kids because they fed him too much bread (which Kendall let them do, and he canceled the babysitter). Juliana Canfield has managed to convey many different sentiments, including “WTF” and “I knew this was going to happen,” all in one take.

“Oh, I just do what my dad tells me…just like you guys.” Sandy (Hope Davis)

“I don’t make requests because I’m not a DJ. But I can hear you.” – Lisa (Sana Lathan)

One of my little quirks with this great season of TV: I needed more Sana for two!

“Cool inhospitable. This appears to have come true.” – Schiff (Sarah Snook)

Schiff’s sharp remark while inside a display of her mother’s vagina was, at first, hilarious because, well, she was inside a mockup of her mother’s vagina at her brother’s birthday party. But after watching the grueling Season 3 finale, we now realize that streak is funny because it’s real.

“I feel like I’m getting dirty in the Guggenheim, all of you.” Stewie (Arian Moayad)

Stewy’s all-time great personality when Logan isn’t an active participant in a meeting, but of course he’s watching everyone through the glass windows of the conference room.

“A man who dies of thirst suddenly becomes a critic of mineral water?” – Tom

Tom is pretty mean with Greg, but it’s a perfect line!

“I may not love you, but I love you.” – Chef

Comical but also brutal, one of the signature blends of what makes “Succession” so satisfying to watch. Schiff and Tom’s marriage of convenience has always seemed on the verge of unraveling, but no more so than all that has happened this season.

“My mother marries again in a bowl of porridge.” – Roman

The use of food metaphors to describe people over a “succession” is unparalleled. Earlier this season, Logan insulted Frank by referring to him as “mashed potatoes.” Caroline describes her fraught relationship with her daughter, Chef, with the caption, “You’re My Prayer.” And Kendall hangs out at Logan: “You’ve lied so much that you don’t really know anymore. Scrambled egg, look at you.”

“the curse! How bad can it be?” – Willa (Justin Loeb)

Imagine telling that person you agreed to marry! how romantic!

“I didn’t keep track of the exact number of swears he used, Sioban, okay? I’m not a water pressure gauge.” – Roman

Succession “fuckometer” through the roof.

“What am I going to do with the soul, anyway? Souls are boring. Boo, souls!” — Cousin Greg

This was somewhat more romantic than Conor Willa agreeing to marry.

“Oh, go on, go on. Shit, you curious pedestrian.” – Logan

Me, to everyone who complained that this season was “boring”. Damn you and may God bless you.


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