38 Franchise Films, TV Shows, and Sequels Coming in 2022, Because We Keep Watching Them

Image of the article 38 Franchise Movies, TV Shows, and Series Coming in 2022, Because We Keep Watching Them

Remember that thing you like? before? Well, it’s back.


Filmmaking is something to bemoan, if you’re an arrogant critic, or celebrate, if you’re part of the fan base. I’d bet most of us are somewhere in between: I’ve tried all these sequels and shit, except Spider-Man: Via the Spider-Verse When does it come out? sweet.

The coming year is sure to bring you a lot of things to make you feel wronged and/or excited – via TV, live broadcasts, and theatres, where complete A bunch of franchise series coming up in 2022. Make this post your guide to a year-long worth-watching, or a terrifying reminder that nothing will ever be new. Your choice! (This is my programming that I will likely see at least half of, so no judgments either way).

Most of these movies have fixed dates attached, but I’m only making vague guesses on some of the others, and dropping them on when it looks like they’re most likely to debut.


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