62 Mixed-Race Celebrities Who Have Actually Talked About Their Multiracial Identity

Barack Obama is of Luo, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, German and Swiss ancestry. In a 2016 interview with Ta-Nehisi Coates for the Atlantic, Obama said, “…there is no doubt that as a mixed child, as a child of an African and white woman, she was very close to the white grandparents who came from Kansas, I think the practical premise of the distinction, And the working assumption that white people would not treat me right or give me a chance, or judge me on merit—this kind of working assumption is less deeply rooted in me than she is, say, with Michelle.”

He explained, “There’s a bit of an autobiographical element to this. I saw as a kid at least a little clip of white people, but the people closest to me loved me more than anything. And even as an adult, even when I turned 40, 45, 50, it was That set of memories means that if I walk into a room and it’s a group of white farmers and unionists, middle-aged – I don’t walk in thought and Man, I have to explain to them that I’m normal. ”

“I walk there, I think, with a set of assumptions: Like, these guys are just like my grandparents,” Obama explained, “and I see the same Jell-O mold that my grandmother served, and they have the same, you know, little things on their shelves.” And so I would probably disarm them by assuming we’re okay. “

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