A Twitter screwup netted recent Tony winner David Alan Grier a lovely awards night surprise

David Alan Greer, Stephen Colbert

David Alan Greer, Stephen Colbert
screenshot: Late Show

Who doesn’t love David? Alaan Jarir?” Stephen Colbert asked at the conclusion of the interview with David Alan Greer. Sorry, this is Sir David Alan Greer, as Colbert described his guest inaccurately. After all, even a prominent American actor and “national treasure” (as Colbert noted, rhis time) not only received a knighthood along with his first Tony Award win. However, the title kind of feels right for the venerable stage, screen, and TV star, who adopted a suitably superior atmosphere while trying to persuade Colbert to put some respect on his newly awarded Tony Award-winning name.

“I know, Steve, it might be hard for you to sit next to a Tony winner like me.” Best Featured Actor Tony Award Winner Great time host. “Maybe it’s a silly question,” Greer continued, shrugging at a royal concession, “but have you ever won Tony?” Dodging fake modesty, Colbert had to admit he didn’t, just presenting 11 Emmys, 2 Grammys, and 3 Peabody to balance it out. “I don’t know if I’m aware of this,” Greer blinked in one rigid career, “but the Tony Award is the hardest award…” To the audience that followed, Greer, who showed such Broadway poise, sought to assure Colbert that all of this would be edited. From Late Show Broadcasting, which is for sure.

Greer, who appears on stage gleefully tells fellow candidates Tony, “Banana is tough, you won!” during Usually a hilarious acceptance letter, and an idiot too soldier play Share in the star Jerry O’Connell For another night of idiot Tony, he’s likely to be catastrophically wrong. Telling Colbert that O’Connell didn’t manage to jinx him by declaring, “You’re going to win Tony for this,” every day from the first reading table of the 2020 production of Charles Fuller’s play, Greer noted that O’Connell sent out a cheerful tweet “I told you so” after his win. This is along with Jarir The actual mobile phone number, which, somehow, O’Connell included in his account (checks Twitter) 133 thousand followers.

Grier, who had been sitting on the Tonys broadcast for three hours after winning the show’s opening, could only speculate on the amount of abuse, spam, and the inevitable phishing of his poor voicemail that he was receiving until he returned home. Fortunately (and it must be said unexpectedly), Tony’s four-time nominee checked his letters before bed, and wept when he told Colbert that O’Connell’s idiot had received, instead, a lot of unexpected love from the common people. “I thought this would be the harshest listening, it was all love,” Greer said to Colbert this time with genuine humility. Even from someone named Tony from Maine, who, as Grier put it, used his access to Grier’s private line to rant emotionally, “I was going to call you to talk shit, but I love you, man!” Because, seriously, who doesn’t love David Alan jarir?


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