After a three-year break, FX’s Atlanta will return this March

Brian Terry Henry, Lakeith Stanfield, Zazie Beetz, and Donald Glover

Brian Terry Henry, Lakeith Stanfield, Zazie Beetz, and Donald Glover
Photo: FX

When it comes to Donald Glover’s beloved and elusive TV ExperimentAnd AtlantaIt’s hard to know if we’ll get any more. while tThere was a two-year gap between seasons one and two, It’s been three since 2018 Atlanta Robin season. Fortunately, we will take a European vacation to visit Atlanta very soon.

Today, FX announced that Atlanta The third 10-episode season will return on March 24, 2022. However, this season will not take place in Georgia. For this Third Outing, Paper Boi and Company Go to Europe. Here is the summary:

Season 3 is set almost entirely in Europe, and “Earn” (Donald Glover), “Alfred/”Paper Boi” (Brian Tyree Henry), “Darius” (LaKeith Stanfield), and “Van” (Zazie Beetz) are found in the middle of the A successful European tour, as the group navigate their new surroundings as foreigners, struggling to adjust to the new success they had been coveting.

The second season was a huge success for FX, earning 14 Emmy Award nominations – more than any comedy series. here in AV . ClubAnd Contributor Joshua Alston believes the season ended successfully. Alston wrote:

Of the many compliments that can be hurled in Atlanta, the highest has to do with the show’s tendency to drastically change its look from week to week. It is an anthology of horror. It is an independent comedy. It is a commentary on contemporary black life. It’s an after-school arts special about the dire consequences of fashion defamation. Atlanta – And Please Read This In Your Best Trailer Audio – More Action! More rappers! More subtext! More of everything! It is, at the same time, the TV show that is easy to describe and impossible to explain.

Given that he frequently defies expectations, the last thing we expected Atlanta It wasn’t a specific season in Atlanta. It serves us properly to read the title in depth.


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