After Bam Margera Sues Over Jackass 4 Compensation, New Documents Detail Issues He Blames The Franchise For

Fans sure are eager to finally get their eyes on ass forever, the fourth and final installment in the beloved MTV reality show series. However, the film will lose one major star, as OG cast member Bam Margera was fired from the action-packed cast due to allegedly issues on the set. acrobatic performer Didn’t take the news well And He has sued since then against Johnny Knoxville and the rest of his former aides. It’s been a while since the public has been updated with the situation, but recent legal documents have offered some insight into what Margera blames the franchise for.

Through the lawsuit, the 42-year-old skater and TV personality is said to be seeking millions of dollars in damages. He was also hoping to get an injunction preventing the film from being released on its previous release date of October 2021. (The film was later delayed due to COVID-related schedule shifts In Paramount Pictures.) blast He obtained documents in which the star accuses the Jackass franchise of causing his struggle with addiction:

I had no issues with addiction and substance abuse until I started my…with Jackass franchise. It wasn’t until then that I became dependent on Adderall and pain medications to maintain the focus required to meet the defendants’ production schedule for my various television and motion picture projects and to deal with the pain associated with the injuries I suffered while performing the stunts in those productions.

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