Alan Wake 2: Trailer, News & Latest Updates

The supernatural horror game Alan Wake is finally getting a sequel after a decade of being a hidden gem. Here’s what we know about Alan Wake II so far.

More than a decade after the release Alan WakeRemedy Entertainment is finally working Alan Wake II fact. The original horror title garnered praise from critics and gamers alike in 2010 while selling over 3 million copies despite launching the same week that Rockstar Games was a smash hit. Red Dead Redemption. For years, though, fans have been demanding a sequel, only to see Remedy move on to other projects.

Alan Wake Make a big comeback as part of AWE’s expansion into Remedy’s 2019 monitoring, and the original script received a rework earlier this year, helping him re-enter the public consciousness. Announcing the remaster, along with talking about the “Remedy Shared Universe” including monitoring And Alan Wake It led to speculation that a sequel would follow. After 11 years, it was officially announced. Here’s everything we know so far about Alan’s next adventure.

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Alan Wake II Trailer

Alan Wake II It was announced at The Game Awards 2021 with a short cinematic trailer. Although it didn’t show any gameplay, it definitely gave a spooky look at what fans could expect from the new title. The trailer begins on a rainy night in a forest where a crime has occurred. Alan Wake himself recounts the scene, and the picture fades into a street full of cars. Then, as the trailer moves between night and day, a mysterious figure is seen standing at the end of the street.

The camera moves forward to eventually reveal that the character is Alan Wake himself. He turns toward the camera, holding a light, lowering it to show his face, as well as his mature hair and beard. The scene turns black before he returns with a moving fear of jumping out showing Alan’s face covered in blood. Although the trailer lasts just under a minute, it sets the stage for what is sure to be a horror-filled experience.

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Everything else we know about Alan Wake II (so far)

Little is known about Alan Wake IIThe trailer gave a few hints about what the game will feel like playing or what’s actually going on. While Sam Lake, Remedy’s creative director, discussed the world of Remedy Connected when the game was announced, he didn’t provide any details on how this was done. monitoring will be associated with a narrative Alan Wake II, If after all.

Lake noted, however, that while playing the original Alan Wake And monitoring It will provide a backstory on Alan Wake IIPlayers will not need to play either of them to understand the new game. Lake confirmed that the game will be powered by Remedy’s own internal Northlight engine.

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Probably the biggest announcement you’ve ever made Alan Wake II So far, though, it’s going to be a survival horror game — a first for Remedy Entertainment. Although the first game had a lot of horror elements, it was an action game above all else. Treatment looking to do Alan Wake II Its own stance on survival horror, and if the trailer is any indication of the end product, the game is sure to be an intense and terrifying experience.

When will Alan Wake II be released?

Alan Wake II It’s slated for release sometime in 2023. Although no exact timeframe has been announced, it joins a stacked early lineup of 2023 games that includes Payday 2And pragmatta And Spider-Man from Marvel 2. Alan Wake II It will be available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, where the new generation will be exclusive.

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