Alexa’s latest celebrity voice is Santa Claus himself

Amazon has introduced a new fresh voice to Alexa this holiday season: Santa Claus. After enabling the skill with the ‘Alexa, enable ‘Hey Santa’ command, you can ask St. a human voice. Judging by the remaining customer reviews on Amazon’s Alexa skill page, it looks like the feature was released earlier this month .

There are of course many Christmas-related questions to ask Santa. Ask “Hey Santa, am I naughty or cute?” You’ll be prompted with a series of questions to see if you’ll get gifts or charcoal on the big day, and the big guy will happily tell you about a reindeer or his favorite food when asked. Simply set up a command with “Hey Santa” and Alexa will respond with the new voice.

I was very surprised at how many typical Alexa commands Santa’s voice can handle. I’ll be happy to read the Pi to over ten decimal places when asked, and it can even play music from Spotify (believe me, hearing Santa say “This is Slipknot from Spotify” is funny). There are limits – Santa will happily flip a virtual coin but won’t roll a virtual dice, for example – but it’s easy enough to repeat a command to Alexa.

It’s no stranger to Amazon rebooting Alexa with new voices, and it has previously hired celebrities like Samuel L. Jackson, Shaq and Melissa McCarthy. Santa Claus has also previously appeared in a more limited form. But unlike celebrity voices on Alexa, Alexa Santa skills are available for free. Just say ‘Alexa, enable ‘Hey Santa’ to get started.

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