Alfred Molina’s No Way Home Tentacle Rig Caused Some On-Set Hilarity

Tom Holland tells a funny behind-the-scenes tale about a special device that helped turn Alfred Molina into Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Updated technology has brought Alfred Molina back into the role of Doctor Octopus in it Spider-Man: There is no room for home More rewarding for the actor and also led to some hilarious moments, according to co-star Tom Holland.

In an interview with hotHolland was asked about Molina’s experience with technological advances when it came to reviving Doc Ock. Holland shared a story about how the special excavator used to mimic Ock’s four mechanical arms gave Molina more freedom, but it was also something he wasn’t completely in control of. “He’d talk to you, and he’d be like, ‘Yeah, then, Tom, I’m from south London,'” Holland shared, ‘and then all of a sudden, he’d be gone. Be like, ‘Oh, hell, my friend, I’ll see you later.’

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Whereas Doc Ock’s metal arms were actual devices powered individually by Sam Raimi’s puppeteers. spider man 2Thanks to advances in CGI, Molina was able to move more freely on the set There is no place for home. The modern Ock boom excavator featured a long boom with a rep platform on one side and weights to balance it on the other. Holland also shared how Molina appreciated the device’s ability to give him more freedom of movement despite occasional unplanned trips. “He loved it, he absolutely loved it,” Holland said.

There is speculation as to whether or not Otto Octavius’ arms will see any upgrades to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans believe the red and gold color of the claws seen in some of the released clips hints at Stark Industries sharing technology, as they match Iron Man’s signature color scheme.

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Doctor Octopus is just one of many super-villains from the Spidey gallery of notorious crooks returning to the big screen in There is no place for home. Aside from Molina, actors Willem Dafoe and Jamie Foxx will both return as Green Goblin and Electro, respectively. Additionally, Sandman and The Lizard are both seen in the movie’s trailers, but in sand and lizards forms, making it difficult to say whether or not the actors Thomas Haden Church or Rhys Ifans will return for these roles.

Spider-Man: There is no room for home It is set to premiere on December 17th.

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