All 5 Classic Star Trek Series Leaving Amazon Prime Video USA In January –

In another sign of consolidation on Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video says goodbye to Star Trek’s classic library of TV shows.

Five Star Trek show leaving Prime

For years, Amazon Prime Video in the US has had a whole library of live classic Star Trek shows. Like on Netflix and Hulu, you can stream every episode of them Star Trek: The Original SeriesAnd next generationAnd Nine deep spaceAnd Voyager, And Project As part of your Amazon Prime subscription. However, that will all be over soon, as all five Prime Video shows leave the USA at the beginning of January.

Warnings for the series’ current removal can be seen when browsing Prime Video for any season with the countdown to the days remaining on the Amazon streaming service. You can see examples of this below for the early seasons of TOS and Project.

This Star Trek exit from Prime Video is part of a trend that started earlier this year when three Star Trek hits appeared on Netflix in the USA in September. Recently, Bob Bakish, CEO of ViacomCBS, clarified that the company is not renewing third-party licensing deals because it is “taking off,” explaining this as part of its larger strategy of “capturing special franchises and original production of our owned and managed live broadcast assets, primarily Paramount +.”

As licensing deals for the remaining two Trek shows on Netflix and the five shows on Hulu expire, those are also expected to exit these streaming services, making Paramount+ the only home of Star Trek TV broadcasts, both classics and the original Star Trek series. This type of consolidation is becoming a trend in the industry, with media companies offering their own specials and exclusive franchises to their own streaming service, such as Comcast with the desk On Peacock and WarnerMedia with friends for HBOMax.

While Star Trek shows won’t be part of the Prime Video subscription service, you’ll still be able to purchase individual episodes and seasons through Amazon. You can also add Paramount+ to your Amazon Prime channel lineup.

Amazon will have a Piccard Season 2 in February

While the classics are leaving Prime Video in the US, the new series Star Trek: Picard You’ll be on Prime Video internationally the outside from North America. TrekMovie has confirmed that Prime Video Season 2 will be broadcast internationally starting in February, when the season begins at Paramount+ in the USA. This is good news for international audiences interested in withdrawing ViacomCBS Piccard away from Amazon Prime Video as they did with Discovery Season 4 of Netflix last month.

Patrick Stewart in the trailer for Season 2 of Star Trek: Picard

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