Amazing Race Season 33 cast: Kim, Penn Holderness of Raleigh

Forget the Christmas jam. This holiday season, the Raleigh’s Holderness family released an announcement that’s sure to top their list of holiday classics.

Ben and Kim Holderness, former news anchors turned full-time online personalities, are to compete on season 33 of “The Amazing Race,” CBS announced Friday in a cast announcement.

“The Amazing Race Foundation”. We’ve been in love with her for a long time. visibly elated Ben Holderness said in a video posted Friday on The Holderness Family Facebook page. The ad’s video had been viewed nearly 248,000 times as of Friday evening.

CBS said in a press release that Ben, 47, and Kim, 45, will compete with 10 other two-team teams in a race around the world seeking a million dollar prize waiting for them at the finish line. Other bands include married teachers, singing police officers and twin sisters, both radio personalities. Connie and Sam Greiner, a married couple married to Charlotte, will also compete.

The new season will be like no other, thanks to a forced pandemic break — the longest outage in the show’s history, according to CBS.

Filming began in February 2020 with teams that completed three stages (including two in the UK) before the coronavirus pandemic halted production for more than a year and a half.

The Holders attracted national attention in 2013 when they released the first of their countless viral videos: “Christmas Jammies,” a year-end family newsletter, but in video form. The video went viral – garnering more than 18.3 million views – and propelled the couple into a career making more videos and humorous parodies.

The family also appeared on a reality show, “The Holderness Family,” on UP Network in 2014. They also have a podcast about working together as a family and published their first book, “Everybody Fights,” in March.

Nervous about challenges

Despite regularly displaying self-critical humor online, the couple said in their Facebook video that they were a little nervous about going to the show and being away from their two children for so long. Not to mention, the show is known for putting contestants through a whirlwind of exhausting physical and mental challenges spread across the globe.

“Like all things, when Kim got the call to be in the race she kind of overthinked, she had a lot of feelings,” Ben Holderness said in a Facebook video.

“I don’t think much about things,” Kim enters.

“Sometimes you overthink things,” Ben continued, mimicking his wife: “I was like, ‘This is on my to-do list, but I’m going to miss my kids, but a million bucks! How will we do our work? We can see the world! What will I wear? I need to shop now, go online and buy a lot of things.”

Kim Ben Holderness Amazing Race.jpeg
Kim and Ben Holderness of Raleigh, North Carolina, will be on season 33 of The Amazing Race on CBS. Sonia Fleming CBS

The couple mocked themselves for being among the oldest contestants on the show. “I wasn’t sure,” they added, “but we were.”

How young were the other contestants? “A lot of them hadn’t heard of Banky Brewster,” Ben Holderness said, referring to the 1980s TV show.

The couple finally decided to take the initiative after hearing their daughter’s point of view.

“Will you just remember a random month in February, or would you remember going on ‘The Amazing Race’?” Kim Holderness remembered her daughter asking her.

Amazing Race Cast Season 33.jpg
The cast of season 33 of “The Amazing Race” includes Kim and Ben Holderness of Raleigh, North Carolina (bottom right). The season has stopped during the pandemic. Sonia Fleming 2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc.

Pandemic halts ‘amazing race’

But a few weeks after production began in the UK, the pandemic began shutting down everything, and the Holders found themselves in their hometown of Raleigh. They remember that it wasn’t clear if or when the rest of the season would be filmed.

CBS said production resumed this fall in Switzerland – after a 20-month hiatus – and filming continued for the remainder of the race in France, Greece and Portugal, before finishing in Los Angeles, where the first team to cross the finish line crowned the title. winner.

In addition to COVID testing and placing runners in a “bubble” living environment to isolate them from others, runners also took private charter flights between the race’s legs, according to Holdensis and CBS.

The Emmy-winning reality show premiered in 2001 and is celebrating its 20-year appearance on the air.

Season 33 of “The Amazing Race” on CBS will begin with a two-hour premiere on Wednesday, January 5 at 8 p.m.

This story was originally published December 10, 2021 6:52 p.m.

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