Amazon Adapting Viral Fantasy Novel As Series With Brightstar – Deadline

exclusiveAmazon beats number of bidders for small-screen rights in fantasy novel Atlas VI which went viral on TikTok earlier this year.

Streamer is now developing the project as a series with author Alexene Farol Follmuth, better known as Olivie Blake, and Brightstar, a London-based production company he founded. the crown Producer Tania Segachian and cold War Producer John Woodward.

The book begins when six uniquely talented magicians are chosen to earn a place in the Alexandria Society, the world’s most powerful and eternally powerful secret society.

The elect – only six chosen each decade – will secure a life of power and prestige beyond their wildest dreams. But at what cost? Each of the six newest recruits has their reasons for accepting the association’s elusive invitation. Even if it meant getting closer than they imagined to their most dangerous enemy—or risking an unforgivable betrayal of their most trusted ally—they would fight with all their might for the right to join the ranks of the Alexandrians.

Atlas Six It was originally self-published via Kindle Digital Publishing but quickly went viral with over 11 million mentions on the social networking site TikTok, sparking a major publishing war. Tor has won that battle and is publishing a revised and edited version with new illustrations in March 2022.

The second book in the trilogy is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022.

Farol Follmuth exec will produce the series with Seghatchian and Woodward.

It’s Amazon’s latest fantasy venture, which recently launched a series adapted from the bestselling Robert Jordan books. wheel of time Fantasy novels, preparing to launch a Lord of the rings TV Series.

Brightstar, which struck a first-sight deal with Amazon Studios in 2019, runs Seghatchian and Woodward, two executives who produce Netflix Shirt, reimagining the grim comedy of Greek mythology from End of the F***ing . world Charlie Covel and Produced by Jane Campion dog power Amazon Studios Feature Film cold War.

Seghatchian served as executive producer on Netflix’s the crown After developing and producing the first four films in Harry Potter A franchise of Warner Bros. Woodward was previously CEO of both the British Film Institute and the British Film Council.

Farol Follmuth is represented by Sugar23 and Triada US

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