‘American Auto’ Recap: Series Premiere on NBC — Ana Gasteyer

Superstore Content creator Justin Spitzer is back with his new workplace comedy show on NBC, American cars, which focuses on corporate executives at Bain Motors and their attempts to adapt to changing times or face being “sent to the scrap yard,” according to the official summary.

The two-episode premiere kicked off Monday with the unveiling of the Ponderosa, the company’s newest line of cars. Described as a self-driving vehicle, the team ran into a major problem when they realized that computer AI couldn’t detect dark objects – stop for a white cardboard-cut family but hit a real black person – and owning a “racist car” was a major PR disaster.

With six hours until their big presentation with a room full of critics, the team together scrapped a shoddy redesign using parts from staff cars in the parking lot. This temporary version of Ponderosa, described by new CEO Catherine Pine (played by Anna Gasteyer) as fully customizable to reflect “the diversity of the melting pot that is America…also international,” isn’t done well. He was heavily criticized, and the company’s shares plummeted.

After emerging from the controversy over Ponderosa, the company needed to generate positive press. Unfortunately, a serial killer who drove one of their cars broke the news and put them back in the spotlight for the wrong reason. Catherine made matters worse in a TV interview only when she said she was cooperating with the FBI, which could create a privacy issue for consumers, and immediately changed her stance to say she would fight an FBI subpoena – only to be accused of protecting a monster.

In another attempt to gain good media, the team held a press conference with one of the victim’s widows, who turned out to be brazenly anti-gay and went on an offensive speech on live TV. In the end, the police caught the serial killer, and the gang decided that it was better to leave it and not make a statement, given everything they had done wrong so far.

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