An ITV News presenter accidentally announced The Pope had died in epic live TV blunder

An ITV News reader inadvertently announced the pope’s death on Christmas Day in a fatal live TV blunder.


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Presenter Kylie Bentlow was talking about Pope Francis’ annual Christmas Day message for 85 years old from rain-soaked St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City.

ITV News mistakenly announced Pope’s death on Christmas Day broadcast

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However, during the reporting, some wires appear to have been crossed as I went from the Pope’s comments on Covidvaccines to just announcing his death.

“He said vaccines should be made available to those who need them most,” the ITV evening news host began.

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Before adding: “I announce his death.. I’m sorry.” Pentelow seemed to realize her mistake right away and apologized to viewers.

However, the error did not go unnoticed and unfortunately for Pentelow, the clip quickly went viral on social media and sparked a frenzy.

Needless to say, the Pope is not dead and at the time of writing he is alive and well. Our thoughts go to Pentelow at this time who in all fairness handled the slip smoothly.

The Argentine said during his speech that he encouraged world leaders to work together to eradicate the epidemic. “Our ability to socialize is severely tested; there is an increasing tendency to withdraw, to do it all to ourselves, to stop making an effort to meet others and do things together,” Francis said.

At the international level, too, there is the danger of avoiding dialogue, and the danger that this complex crisis will lead to taking shortcuts rather than embarking on longer paths of dialogue. However, only those pathways can lead to conflict resolution and lasting benefits for all.”

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