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Expert says Harry and Meghan didn’t ‘play the game’ with Archie

The eight-year-old son of Prince William and Kate has been named the world’s most famous royal. Design Packs has calculated the global searches on Google and hashtags on Instagram of 19 young royals around the world to see who was the most influential.

George, who is third in line to the UK throne, came first with 693,535 hashtags on Instagram and 203,000 Google searches per month, for a grand total of 896,535 searches.

His sister, Princess Charlotte, six, comes right behind with 537,592 hashtags on Instagram and 148,000 searches on Google – a total of 685,592.

The youngest of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s youngest children, Prince Louis, completed the top three.

The three-year-old comes in third with 305,813 hashtags on Instagram and 64,000 searches on Google making the grand total of 369,813.

Prince George has beaten young royals around the world to claim a new title (Image: Getty/Kensington Palace)

Megan Harry

Sussex fans are still waiting for the release of the first photo of Lili (Photo: MISAN HARRIMAN)

According to research, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son Archie is the fourth most popular son of the royal family.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex quit their royal duties last year and now live in California with their two children, Archie and Lily.

Archie, aged two, has submitted 94,963 hashtags on Instagram and 24,000 searches on Google, for a total of 118,963 searches.

Princess Leonor of Spain, the eldest daughter of King Philip VI and Queen Letizia, ranked fifth.

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Cambridge Kids in the Official Christmas Card 2021 Photo (Photo: KENSINGTON PALACE)

The research found that there were 34,425 hashtags on Instagram and 29,000 searches on Google, giving it a total number of 63,425.

Lillipet Diana, Meghan and Harry’s daughter, who was born in June, took sixth place.

Lili launched 10,367 Instagram hashtags and 42,000 searches on Google – a total of 52,367.

Sussex fans are still waiting for the release of the first berry photo, more than six months after its arrival.

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Princess Leonor

Princess Leonor of Spain, eldest daughter of King Philip VI and Queen Letizia, ranked fifth (Image: Getty)

Savannah Phillips Isla Phillips

Peter and Autumn Phillips’ daughters, Savannah and Isla, ranked seventh and eighth, respectively (Image: Getty)

Daughters of Peter and Autumn Phillips Savannah and Isla took seventh and eighth places, respectively.

Savannah, 10, pushed out 8,740 hashtags on Instagram and 33,000 searches on Google, for a grand total of 41,740.

Nine-year-old Isla was slightly behind with 8,724 hashtags on Instagram and nearly 16,000 searches on Google, giving her a score of 24,724.

Zara and Mike Tindall’s second daughter Lena, age three, is ninth with a grand total of 22,293.

Lena, who has an older sister Mia and a younger brother Lucas, has 293 hashtags on Instagram and 22,000 searches on Google.

Princess Amalia, who recently celebrated her 18th birthday, completed the top ten.

There were 9,515 hashtags on Instagram and 4,400 searches on Google for the Dutch royal family, for a grand total of 13,915.

A spokesperson for Design Packs said: “The massive online presence of these royal children – from future young kings and queens such as Prince George and Princess Leonor, to the children of the world’s most prominent royal celebrities such as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – just shows how intrigued the world is with each and every one of them. His royal family.

“Royals represent the next generation, and are likely to gain more and more influence as they grow up and take on greater public responsibility in their roles.”

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