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Ashley Graham’s pregnancy has been a whirlwind to be expressed lightly, from discovering she had twins to making headlines with photos of her untouched baby bump. This time, she showed the world a more vulnerable side of her life and her mindset during this pregnancy.

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On December 11, Graham posted a photo of herself in some mood lighting while holding her baby’s belly. Although there is no typical caption, the weak caption in the photos is very expressive. In the first picture, she says, “How can you talk softly to others…” Then when you move on to the next picture, she ends up saying, “But talk to yourself harshly.”

“How can you talk softly to others…but talk to yourself harshly” – a phrase that many of us feel personally. Graham’s poor job reminds us to be kind to ourselves in every way, even when we’re talking to ourselves.

Being kind to yourself is key, and even if it’s really hard, we have to try. Graham is as real as she is with everything in her life – especially during this pregnancy where she is carrying twins.

Many fans of the post swarmed with love and affection, leaving the heart and thank-you emoji for what they really are. One fan wrote, “That’s exactly why I pursue realism…we appreciate it,” and another echoed, “You look beautiful and strong! It inspired me to love my body every day.”

And we agree, Graham is beautiful and sturdy!

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