Atlanta Season 3 Teaser Starring Donald Glover Released

Donald’s Glover’s popular FX series, AtlantaIt premiered in 2016 and won five Emmy Awards during its first two seasons, including “Best Actor in a Comedy Series”. The show’s second season ended in 2018 and is finally returning after nearly four years. A new trailer for the much-awaited and impressive third season has been released Atlanta crew in Europe.

The official YouTube description reads: “Richer thoughts ahead. March 24, 2022 on FX, stream on Hulu.” You can check out the joke below:

“We’re excited to be back in Atlanta with a new season on March 24,” FX Entertainment President Eric Shearer said in a statement. “Once again, Donald Glover and the excellent producers and actors delivered another special season synonymous with the excellence that makes ‘Atlanta’ so great.”

You can check out the synopsis from FX here: “Season 3 takes place almost entirely in Europe, with Earn (Donald Glover), Alfred/Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry), Darius (LaKeith Stanfield) and Van (Zazie Beetz) finding their own Amidst a successful European tour, the group navigates their new surroundings as foreigners, struggling to adapt to the new success they have been aspiring to.”

Glover Atlanta He is expected to have at least one additional season on FX in 2023, but the multi-talented star also has future plans to work with Amazon. according to THR Earlier this year, Glover was getting his own content channel on Prime Video. Stephen Glover, who writes AtlantaYou will also get a package deal with the company. It’s about the creative control and ability to curate the artists that the actor feels resonates with his brand.

As for Glover’s other string of successes, social communicationFans are still hoping for a movie. discussions social communication The movie has been going on for years, and the topic has been bubbling up more and more since the series premiered on Netflix last April, which was followed by a virtual meeting of the actors. During the reunion, Glover hilariously learned that he wasn’t in the cast’s group chat.

While chatting, Yvette Nicole Brown asked Gillan Jacobs to post a video in the group chat, which made Glover ask, “Is there a group chat? I’m not in this group chat.” Brown University responded, “You’re not in the group chat?” Glover replies, “Literally, then, I’ll literally say, ‘We should have a group chat. “No hangout?!” Brown then added, “I guess we assumed you were too busy, Donald.” Glover clapped again, “So, you didn’t put me in this group chat,” which makes everyone laugh. “Wow, it’s kind of funny. Then I was going to say, ‘I should start a group conversation.'” “If I had started one, would you guys ever tell me there was one already?” asked Glover. As everyone continues to laugh and Ken Jeong jokingly jokes, “No, no, we won’t. We wouldn’t say that.” You can check out the reunion here.

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