‘Avatar’ Sequel Required Sigourney Weaver and Kate Winslet Hold Their Breath for Over 5 Minutes

It took director James Cameron over a decade to put together several of his “Avatar” sequels, but we’re close to seeing the final producer and director share some news about the project.

The director of “Titanic” has discussed how “Avatar 2,” coming to theaters this December, will expand the geography of Pandora’s fantasy land and submerge it underwater. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cameron discussed how, like the first movie with its cautionary tale about deforestation, the sequel will advance ocean conservation. “I do the ocean when I’m not making movies,” he said. “So if I can combine my two greatest loves — one being ocean exploration; and the other, making feature films — why wouldn’t I?”

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With such a focus on the ocean, Cameron didn’t want to use the general techniques used to simulate underwater photography, which Cameron calls “dry for wet.” “I said, ‘You won’t work.’ He said.” I even let them do a test, where we picked up dry water for wet, and then we picked up in water, a raw level to pick us up in water. And it wasn’t even close.”

Instead, the staff didn’t just become iconic divers, they also learned dive liberation to reduce air bubbles and the hardware required for filming. Cameron graduate Sigourney Weaver, whose role is considered top secret, managed to hold her breath for more than six minutes to film her scenes. Actress Kate Winslet, who reunited with Cameron after the duo on “Titanic,” held her breath for more than seven minutes. “One of my favorite memories was that we had this circular tank, which is probably 40 feet wide, and has a big glass gate inside. I walked one day and saw Kate Winslet walking on the bottom of the tank,” producer John Landau said in the interview. window, and it just wavers, and it reaches the end of the wall, and it turns, and it walks all the way back.”

Cameron admits in the interview that he is concerned about the changing entertainment landscape in which he releases his sequels. “The big issue is, are we going to make any big money,” Cameron said. Hopefully the audience won’t respond to them like John Oliver.

Avatar 2 premiered on December 16, 2022.

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