Best and Worst TV Shows, Moments of 2021

Just like 2021 itself, TVLine Year in Review is coming to an end…but not before we hand out more Extremely Specific prizes.

Earlier this week, our 2021 retrospective outlined the finer details of this year’s TV, from the best monologue (RIP, Black listGlen!) for Best Performance by an Animal (such as such a good boy, b positiveCannoli!).

But in the attached gallery, we have 50 other superlatives, including a tribute to the best first kiss (we doubt some of them Chicago PD may the shippers be pleased), best scoundrel (maybe I knew the answer to this, ahem, Along), the most improved character and the best suggestion, among many others.

But for journalistic fairness, we’ve also called out some of the “worst” of the year, including a Ted Lasso Character Who So Annoyed Us In Season 2, HBO Max Documentary That Was More Abusive Than Enlightenment, Two Deserved Guest Stars road More screen time than they get.

Scroll through the attached gallery (or click here for direct access) to see the second wave of winners and losers, then drop a comment with the offers You are may include. And again, if you missed part one of our prizes on Tuesday, head over here to catch up!

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