Bigg Boss 15, 12 December 2021, Written Update: Rakhi Sawant calls Shamita Shetty ‘chudail’

In today’s episode, we watched Salman Khan pay tribute to the late Siddharth Shukla and Shahnaz Gill, who were part of Bigg Boss 13. Salman Khan welcomed everyone to the Weekend ka Vaar episode. All contestants were sitting on the sofa. Salman taunted everyone and asked Rakhi Sawant to tell the contestants about the ghost they have. Rakhi pointed to Shamita and said she was “chudail” aggressive and funny. Salman Khan starts laughing and asks Rakhi to talk about Rajiv’s ghost. Rakhi tells him that he has a metro ghost. Then Salman asked Abhijit Bishukali to talk about the other contestants. When Abhijit referred to Chamita, Salman told Abhijit that he had been seeing Chamita since her childhood.

Salman Khan gets emotional and tells Tejaswi and Shamita that they are the ones who have been playing hard since the start of the show. After that, Salman conducted an excavation in Karan due to his previous comment on Tjswi, Vishal and Omar. Then Karan accepted his feelings for Tsui and told Salman that he feels like he’s never felt before and that’s why he’s possessive. Then Salman asked Omar about his problems with anyone. Omar tells him that he does not like Rakhi Sawant.

After that, Bigg Boss assigned all contestants a task. Contestants had to tie balloons to their heads. The other contestants were blowing up balloons and giving them a reality show. Rashmi blew up Ritesh’s balloon and called him a coward. Everyone starts laughing at them. Then, Salman Khan presented a branded gift basket to Tejasswi Prakash. Everyone applauded and praised her for her performance.

We watched this episode on the channel’s OTT platform.

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