Blue Origin shoots TV presenter Michael Strahan and first furry into space

Blue Origin has successfully launched its third manned mission to space.

The crew included TV presenter Michael Strahan, the daughter of the first American in space – and the first furry to leave Earth.

Strahan and Laura Shepherd Churchley were invited by Jeff Bezos’ private space company and got free tickets.

Former NFL player Strahan took his Super Bowl ring as well as the American football that will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Laura Shepherd Churchley took a small part of her father’s Freedom 7 Mercury capsule, which rose in 1961, as well as some memorabilia that accompanied him to the moon on Apollo 14 in 1971.

Four other passengers – including the furry Cameron Pace – paid an unconfirmed but very exorbitant price for tickets for the flight.

It’s the third time Blue Origin has launched passengers on its short flights into space, and the first time with a full crew of six.

Jeff Bezos, who founded Amazon six years before Blue Origin, first launched in July. The second, in October, included actor William Shatner – Captain James Kirk from the original Star Trek series.

On the flights, tourists are photographed in space, above the Kerman Line marking the beginning of space, experiencing a brief moment of weightlessness and then back again – all within 11 minutes.

The spacecraft itself is named after Alan Shepard, who made history in 1961 as the second and first American to travel into space – a 15-minute suborbital flight as one of NASA’s original “Mercury Seven” astronauts. A decade later, Shepherd walked on the lunar surface as commander of the Apollo 14 mission, hitting two lunar base golf courses.

Blue Origin had initially planned to launch on Thursday, but had to delay due to bad weather.

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