Brad Pitt’s Shocking Career Announcement—We Definitely Didn’t See This One Coming!

Brad Pitt shocked fans by announcing a new career move we weren’t expecting! The 57-year-old actor has just revealed that he’s taking a temporary break from the silver screen to start his – wait – music career! According to reports, the Oscar-winning producer has teamed up with Emmy-winning music producer Damien Cointard to reopen the legendary Miraval Studios in southern France, which in the past has hosted recording sessions for big names like Pink Floyd, Sting, and Cranberry, to name a few.

The recording facility was built in 1977 and is located on the property of Château Miraval in which Once upon a time…in Hollywood The actor and now ex-wife bought Angelina Jolie in 2012. (They also tied the knot in a 13th-century chapel on the Château Miraval estate in 2014, FYI.) The studio was initially designed by its first owner, Jacques Lussier, but will be subject to Now for a complete redesign before Pitt and Quintard reopen it for musicians to record new tracks in the new year. A wonderful and unexpected career move, we must say!

Pitt and Quintard’s partnership may seem unexpected at first, but according to Quintard, working with the actor didn’t make sense, as they immediately saw eye to eye when they met in his studio in Paris. “We talked for hours and hours,” Cointard said. The Hollywood Reporter. “He talked to me about his plans for Miraval. I was obviously very excited, because as a French and a music lover, one of the Holy Grails is Miraval. I went there, and I designed my space. We clicked that side, and we moved forward.”

“Combining Brad’s vision for Merval and our shared passion for taking the time to create simple yet beautiful things has resulted in something unique,” he added. “We are very excited to have musicians of all kinds be a part of what we have created.”

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The redesigned studio is said to be a mixture of old and new, as it will still house most of the original recording equipment, but in a more modern environment. Obviously, some of the new features include a desk designed by Pitt and Quintard, as well as brand new recording equipment such as recording kiosks, audio and video editing workstations, and rare synthesizers, among many other things.

There will be a mezzanine overlooking the entire studio, as well as an adjacent tower where musicians and their guests can stay without having to move too far from the studio. Anyone lucky enough to sign up for the studio will also have access to the property’s pool and chef! Pete and Cointard seem to have thought of everything! The studios are currently expected to open in the summer of 2022, so we don’t have long to wait to see the completed project! We wonder who will be its first musicians?


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