Brandy Shares Reaction to Ray J Getting Her Name Tattooed on Him and Wanting Daughter Sy’Rai to Follow In Her Footsteps

brandy She began recording music under the rap pseudonym “Bran’Nu” in 2008. Aside from “audio bible”, she became known as Bran’Nu spit Bars on tracks such as “Gonna Find My Love” from Brandy’s “Human” album.

Bran’Nu jumped on the microphone again during the female R&B cypher at the 2020 BET Hip Hop Awards. But since he played the rapper on the ABC scripted series, “Queens,” Brandi is probably considering a hip-hop career.

LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 29: LOS ANGELES, CA – NOVEMBER 29: In this photo released on November 29, Brandy attends the 2020 Spirit Train Awards presented by BET. (Photo by Leon Bennett / STA 2020 / Getty Images for BET)

ABS met the singer and actress on Tuesday 14th December to discuss the whole thing including her relationship with her brother, Ray c.

Brandi said that she enjoys rapping and singing like her character Naomi on ‘Queens’. Naomi’s words are equally powerful if you hear from her alternate character Branno.

“Rap is something I love. I love hip-hop,” Brandi said. “I think the show has been a blessing for me to re-inspire rap. I love the fact that I have a chance to sing in the show as well.”

She added, “I’d like to do something in the rap world.”

Brandy is known for splitting her time between R&B/hip-hop just like her younger brother, Ray J. To show his appreciation for the big sister, Ray recently surprised her with a tattoo featuring her name and her logo on his lower arm. She hopes to return the favor one day with a song.

“I’ve been trying to work with Ray for years. I have the songs and I have vocals. Brandi told us.” It’s all about timing. It’s all going to happen when it’s supposed to happen, but I definitely want to.”

The “High Heels” singer is also hoping to record more music with her daughter, syray smith. She said she always supported her daughter, especially during her recent weight loss journey.

Brandi's daughter, Sy'Rai Smith, shares a photo of the twinning mother-daughter duo at a photo shoot.  (Photo: @syraismith/Instagram)

Brandi’s daughter, Sy’Rai Smith, shares a photo of the twinning mother-daughter duo at a photo shoot. (Photo: @syraismith/Instagram)

“[Sy’Ria] She has such a beautiful light and I have always encouraged her to find her trust in me. Brandy said. “It’s mind-blowing to me, like watching her come on her own and really being this positive person who really found confidence and really made the choice on her own to make healthy choices. I just encourage her to keep doing that.”

Brandi added, “I’m so happy for her that she’s coming on her own.”

The 4-year-old said she is proud of her daughter, who we hope will follow in her mother’s footsteps.

“I love that you follow in my footsteps,” Brandi said. “I think she has everything she needs. She has a beautiful soul about her and I want her to be involved in her whole charitable work. I think it’s great, like what I do with TJ Maxx and Marshalls and HomeGoods. I would like her to do things like give back, and that’s part of it.” “.

For the second year, Brandy has partnered with TJMaxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods to launch the #SnowballFightAgainstHunger campaign for Feeding America. From December 12 to December 26, Tik Tokers can use the snowball effect, which allows users to throw a virtual snowball. For each snowball effect use, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods will donate $1, up to $1 million, to help families facing hunger.

“This is the time of the year when you really want to connect with people and make people feel like they’re not alone…especially just with family and everything we’ve been through,” Brandy said. “So I just wanted to be a part of this. It makes me feel better. It makes me feel like I have a purpose and I want to use it for a good cause.”

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