Buzz: Sudden Brakes To ‘Sarkaru Vaari Paata’

Sarakaru Vaari Pata is known to be the film being produced in the direction of Parasuram with Mahesh Babu in the main lead.

It is scheduled to be released on the first of April. But the sources say that this film stopped suddenly. There are two reasons, according to the rumor.

One of them is the knee operation performed on Mahesh Babu which has been on hold for a long time. He is planning to travel abroad for this purpose soon.

Another reason is that Mahesh Babu is not convinced by some parts of the text. So the shooting stopped to make things right.

Since Mahesh Babu felt there was a difference between what was said and what was in the text, he asked Parasuram to rework only after reaching clarity.

So Parasuram is in discussions with his book team.

Mahesh himself recently said that Sarkaru Vary Bata is out on par with Bokeri. But no one knows why the grapevine that suddenly developed Mahesh has a negative feeling about the current script.

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