Chloe Bailey Shows Off Her Washboard Abs In A Teeny Tiny Blue Bra Top

  • Chloe Bailey posted an Instagram story that shows off her incredibly toned abs.

  • Pictured, she’s wearing a blue bra under a shimmering silver coat.

  • Khloe follows a vegan diet to stay in shape. She also gets out of the house two to three times a week for a run.

Chloe Bailey is already a triple threat. She sings, works and dancesAll while looking amazing in the process. The 23-year-old gave her fans a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the photo-appropriate while posing for a quick selfie that showed off a curvy bra that didn’t make it to the final shots.

For her mesh position, Chloe wore baggy jeans, silver pointed heels, and a shimmering coat in silver, blue, and green. She kept her accessories neat with a few rings and earrings.

While I’d love to hear new music from it ASAP, I can totally work with the fire costume image for my installation. Khloe has been sharing tons of glamorous press photos lately and fans (myself included) can’t get enough.

She captioned her photo, “Shinin Shinen Shinen Shinen Naomi” after Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s hit song. In other words, if you didn’t read this comment in Queen B’s voice, you’re doing it wrong.

Fans were feeling Beyoncé’s sentiments in the comments section with one user replying, “All that win.” His fellow celebs also showed some love to the “Have Mercy” singer, and Tinashe said, “That hair is so cute.” Even her sister, Haley jumped in to show some appreciation for her siblings, “Amazing ❤️.” Another fan added, “Have mercy on us.”

Image credit: Chloe Bailey / Instagram – Instagram

So how does Khloe stay in such great shape? For starters, she goes for a run two to three times a week, according to Figs are popular. Her performance also requires that she be on stage.

She is also a frequent visitor to Shape House saunas and uses an infrared sauna blanket at home, she said. Figs are popular.

And in terms of what she eats in the day, Khloe sticks to a vegan diet. She said in 2020 Buzzfeed She “hates” avocados but loves to go buy jasmine rice, bread, apples, grapes and watermelon.

While she was eating well and working out regularly, Khloe kept it real in her fan Q&A video and stated that her genes play a role in her physique.

Khloe said, “I think half of my body is genetics and my family. My mom was a track star — her body was hitting hard — and I think I got it from her. Now, I’m a vegan, I don’t think being vegan has anything to do with my look.”

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