Chris Pratt Wrote About His Wife on Instagram Again

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Chris Pratt wrote another Instagram post about Katherine Schwarzenegger, but this time, he didn’t equate her with a baseball card. Sure, there was still a whole bunch of weird paternal Christian nonsense, but at least he didn’t treat it as a piece of sports memorabilia. (Celebici)

I absolutely love Sarah’s movie on the trailer for Fantastic Beasts 3: Who honestly asked about this matter seriously? (Lenny gossip)

Alec Baldwin once silenced Hilaria Baldwin during labor, and I thought now was a good time to reveal that tale. OK. (amphitheater)

From Just: Whatever you feel about Flannagan’s work, his sticker game is solid.

From Claude: Come on transphobic and blatant racism, stay for data collection.

From Kaylee:

commentator Ijsanfran Passed on TikTok this about the process behind timeThe decision to land Elon Musk for Person of the Year award.

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I shouldn’t be shocked however! #SnowballFightAgainstHunger #JBLGreekOut #CustomersMostLoved #comedy #pr

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From Peter:

Lance Reddick shared Keanu’s story, which was fun, of course. (approx)

Wilmer Valderrama is the new Zorro. (diverse)

Since we brought up Elon Musk earlier, six women are now suing Tesla for “outbreak of sexual harassment.” Perhaps not the time to tweet “Senator Karen” on Elizabeth Warren, eh, jerkwad? (Jezebel)

Jenna’s first time participating in Cannonball Read was better than I expected, with her graduating from college and moving to a new city. It’s a win because “Participating in this challenge made me think about the books I’ve read more deeply and with greater interest.” Do you like books and have opinions? Registration for Cannonball Read 14 is now open. (Cannonball reading 13)

Bagiba 10 for your consideration: The amazing Katja Herbs |

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