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After welcoming her second child earlier this month, Christina Ricci seems to be absorbing all the sweetness of a newborn — and thankfully, she’s all about sharing the milestones of her new little one with fans on social media. After sharing baby Cleo’s homecoming outfits while she and husband Mark Hampton prepare to bring her home from the hospital, Ritchie last week shared a video of her one-week-old daughter. And yes, it’s a super-cute dose of Christmas cheer that we can all use right now.

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Christina Ricci shows off her ‘Homecoming’ newborn from the hospital

Richie shared a video of her daughter, whose full name is Cleopatra Richie Hampton, on Instagram, writing on the clip, “Play the audio to get Cleo’s cheerful baby noises.” Cleo can be seen snuggled up sweetly as Hampton tickles his little one, seemingly loving all the attention from her mom and dad, cooing and making the most precious newborn sounds on the planet.

Hampton, a celebrity hairstylist, also chronicled big baby Cleo’s milestones on his Instagram page, including a stunning photo in honor of her week-long birthday.

So far, baby Cleo seems to be following in her mom’s stylish footsteps because she already has all of her “baby style”. In fact, her dad shared a photo of her in a really cute red Disney Christmas-themed dress, stating in the caption, “You haven’t been able to follow @target without buying baby clothes yet!”

Of course, aside from butchering a newborn toy, she’s also doing the standard baby stuff, including lots of snuggling, lots of snoozing, and enjoying all the milk she can get. Commenting on one perfectly quiet shot, Hampton wrote, “Hyper-kindness. It’s like taking care of a really, really drunk old person. She hits the bottle hard, faints, and won’t help when it comes to changing, but it’s so much fun. #Milk.”

We hope the Ritchie/Hampton crew has an adorable first birthday with baby Cleo…and we won’t go crazy for more festive photos of her. I’m just saying!

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