Ciara’s Beach Photo Lights Up Social Media After Fans Zoom In on the Singer’s Snatched Body

carThe little number was the subject of conversation on December 20 after the singer shared a photo on the beach at an undisclosed location.

In an Instagram post, Ciara was seen wearing a light green bikini, with a bottle of rum while flaunting her assets in rear-view mode and looking toward the sea. The 36-year-old’s goal behind the photo was to promote Ten to One Caribbean rum, a company that became an investor, co-owner, and director in October.

A photo of Ciara on the beach caused a stir on social media after fans enlarged the singer’s waist. @ciara / Instagram

In addition to the photo, Ciara told fans in her caption that one of the “perfect” ways to start the week is with lots of sun. She wrote, “TTO & (sun emoji) the perfect way to start the week!” When fans saw her post, many skipped her message and focused only on her physique.

Someone responded that Ciara’s followers are going to lose their minds over this photo and are still recovering from the balance challenge video that was uploaded weeks ago.

The category is the body.

“Awesome goals!!!”

“People are about to lose their minds lol.. they are barely recovering from the twerking video.”

“A perfect body can only be from God.”


Among the notes about Ciara’s personality, others mentioned her three children. One wrote, “That’s why you have 3 kids now!” Another said, “Wow! Sexy. What kids?!!”

An Instagram user praised the “Goodies” singer for staying fit after having three children. They said, “Normal body after 3 kids loved it.”

In the past, Ciara has been very open about her fitness routine. During an interview with People magazine in 2019, the singer revealed that she enjoyed doing a range of exercises. She said, “It’s a combination of plyometrics (jumping training), cardiovascular work, as well as weightlifting all in one type. It’s a complete circuit that allows me to hit every target area.”

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