Claire Foy On Why Sex Scenes Can Feel Exploitative

“You feel taken advantage of when you’re a woman and you have to have fake sex on screen.”

For non-actors, mimicking any degree of intimacy while the cameras are on seems difficult for a whole host of reasons. Claire Foy is a two-time Emmy winner, but after building a comprehensive resume, she still considers filming sex scenes “the ugliest thing you can do” on screen.

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Most of us probably know Claire better than the crownIn previous seasons, she preceded Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth the Younger and received a number of prestigious awards for her performance.

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Now Claire is starring in another historical drama. She is leading the cast in an upcoming mini-series from BBC One and Amazon Studios called A very British scandal, which will focus on British socialite Margaret Campbell’s divorce from the Duke of Argyll in the 1960s.

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Margaret’s gossip, as well as the sexist media culture that has tarnished her throughout the infamous divorce case, are central to the plot of the new series. While appearing on BBC Radio 4 women’s watch Podcast To talk about the show, Claire explained that she agreed to film intimate scenes because she thought they were an integral part of the story.

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But she also noted that participating in those scenes, especially as a woman, felt somewhat exploitative.

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“It’s a really hard line because basically you feel taken advantage of when you’re a woman and you have to have fake sex on screen,” Claire said. “You can’t help but feel taken advantage of.”

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“It’s grim — it’s the ugliest thing you can do,” she added, though the actor praised intimate coordinators for their work to facilitate those behind-the-scenes moments.

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She continued, “You feel exposed.” “Anyone can make you try not to feel that way, but unfortunately it’s the truth.”

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“The thing I could feel was that I felt so strongly that he should be inside of her, but I wanted to be a female,” Claire added. “I didn’t want it to be the kind of horrific climax sexual experience you often see on the cinema screen.”

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Conversations about misogyny in Hollywood are fairly prominent. But we rarely hear much insight into the effects of voyeurism and voyeurism on women tasked with sex and intimacy, so there are definitely important points to learn from Claire. You can listen to her full interview via the podcast here.

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