Claire Foy says she feels ‘exploited’ filming sex scenes in Hollywood: ‘It’s the grimmest thing you can do’

Actress Claire Foy is open about what she considers a risk to her performance in Hollywood.

The 37-year-old was interviewed about her role as British social worker Margaret Campbell in the limited series A Very British Scandal. The series revolves around the period of the Duchess of Argyll’s divorce in 1963 which saw her publicly defamed as the “Dirty Duchess” after sexually suggestive pictures were published in the media.

Foy told BBC Radio 4: “It’s a really hard position because basically you feel taken advantage of when you’re a woman and you have to have fake sex on screen. You can’t help but feel exploited. It’s grim – it’s the ugliest thing you can do.”

The Crown actress added, “You feel exposed.” “Anyone can make you try not to feel that way, but unfortunately, that is the reality. But the thing I did was feel was that I felt very strongly that you should be in it, but I wanted to be a female. I didn’t want to be that kind. From the horrific sexual climax you often see on the cinema screen.”

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“The Crown” alum Claire Foy stars in “A Very British Scandal,” which premieres December 26.
(David M. Bennett/Wireimage)

Foy has also been vocal in her distaste for women being “exposed” in the media for being open about their sexuality.

“I hate the phrase shame, absolutely hate it,” she said. “But I think women are basically forever shamed. I think Eve might have been shamed.

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“There’s just one thing I hate about this title being paraphrased and used in a way that justifies it more. Perhaps the word ‘rude’ shouldn’t just exist.”

Despite feeling exploited as a woman in the show business, Foy said she sees a light at the far end of the tunnel but noted that the industry as a whole has a lot of work to do and appreciates that women’s voices are finally being heard. Consider their opinions.

Claire Foy said she often feels "exploited" After performing fake sex scenes.

Claire Foy said she often feels “exploited” after performing fake sex scenes.
(Photo by Leah Toby)

“I can only speak from personal experience rather than a cultural revolution of some sort, but I feel there is a place and acceptance now that I would never have,” she said.

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“There are going to be scenarios at work, for example, where things will happen that I feel are wrong, but I have been told the society was not right. Now what happens is there is a forum for me and my friends and colleagues where, if something is wrong, there is someone He says, “Yes, I confirm that this is actually wrong.”

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