Dear Reader: Bridgerton Season 2 Finally Has a Release Date

Well, that must be a ton of talk.

On December 25, Netflix dropped a video showing the cast delivering the sweet news Bridgeton He will return on March 25, 2022.

In the clip, the series’ actors were handed a single sheet of paper while their eyes bulged out from excitement.

“Is that a whistle?” Requests Jonathan Bailey (Anthony Bridgeton). “What do you have to say today, impudent little mistress.”

Golda Rochevel (Queen Charlotte) reveals the answer along with her fellow co-stars, “Happy Anniversary of our Roaring Business. It is customary for 1st Anniversary to give gift paper, dear readers. I hope you find this information useful.” Bridgeton Returns March 25th.”

Nothing hard here. The happy news comes as a surprise to the actors who gleefully stated that they “actually didn’t know it!”

Co-star Billy laughs: “She always had a gossip.” luke newtown Ringing (Colin Bridgerton), “I’m going to text my mom!”

We bet the whole family faints when they hear the news.

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