Deleted Post-Credits From Season Finale Is Reveled – Deadline

Spoiler alert: This post contains details of the season finale for Disney+ hook. Those who watched the cover of the first season of Disney + hook You probably noticed the lack of the usual kind of post-credits scene in the MCU. Sure, there was the song “Save the City” from the Broadway fantasy lyrical show, but now we know that a different scene was made but was cut from the episode.

Eventually, when Kate (Hailee Steinfeld) shot a Pym stock on her Tracksuit Mafia truck, she scaled it down to a child’s size. in a tweet After the end, Elena Scott, Senior Digital Animator who also worked on the Marvel series of D+ loki, He peeked at what the broadcast audience had missed.

Earlier, Clint (Jeremy Renner) met an owl while he was stuck in a Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. Turns out this trumpet has a plan. Subsequent credits from the epilogue hook The owl was supposed to take the brothers [spelling corrected] to his nest,” Scott tweeted. “Sad Kinda they cut her off. It could have been hilarious!! “

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