Details About Nancy Reagan’s Intimate Life Trends As Conservative Blogger Compares Her To Madonna

Twitter users were shocked when the name of Nancy Reagan began appearing across the platform on Friday evening, December 10, as at the time of writing, the former first lady is still the number one trending topic in the United States.

This is attributed to a tweet by conservative blogger Classic Abe, also known as the sister of political commentator Ben Shapiro. Controversial blogger, whose real name is Abigail Roth, posted a side-by-side photo of Reagan and the Queen of Pop Madonna, by comparing the general picture of the two. The tweet was discredited as tasteless and Reagan’s exploits during her tenure as an American actress were exposed.

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Roth’s tweet read: “This is Madonna at 63. This is Nancy Reagan at 64. Trivia vs. Classic Life. Which version of yourself do you want to be?”

Photos of the two public figures mentioned were included in the tweet. A suggestive photo taken from Madonna’s Instagram account was placed alongside a family photo of the former first lady. The pop star’s photo was censored to cover her chest. When Madonna originally posted on Instagram, she accompanied a comment about female censorship.

She wrote, “It remains surprising to me that we live in a culture that allows every inch of a woman’s body to be displayed except for the nipple. As if that were the only part of a woman’s anatomy that could be sexualized.” Madonna went on to describe how women’s bodies are unfairly sexualized despite being so essential to human life. The photo was criticized by rapper 50 Cent who mocked her for the suggestive situation.

Madonna’s Instagram feed continues to feature photos of her alongside her extended family, including a fun video montage of their Thanksgiving celebration.

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Nancy Reagan’s status as a sex symbol

In response to Roth’s tweet, many are starting to think about Reagan’s “sex icon” connection to the Hollywood industry. Snapshots from an article he posted village sound, the nation’s first alternative weekly newsletter, which discussed how Reagan became famous in Hollywood for performing oral sex.

The article was published in 1998, and obtained information from the biographical information of journalist Kitty Kelly. Kelly is best known for her work in publishing unauthorized biographies of former first ladies, American icons, and global political figures. Writer James Ledbetter wrote, “Just say yes, Nancy—in her Nancy Davis days—was known to give the best blowjob in town,” not just in the evenings but in the offices. [T]The hat was one of the reasons it was so popular in the MGM lot.”

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where Tweet Ruth As his scrutiny grew, many commentators and public figures offered their pressing thoughts on the situation. Actor and comedian Jabouki chirp, “Nancy Reagan has the best throat game in Hollywood that sounds like a Lana Del Rey song but it just isn’t. It’s American history.”

“The fact that his company is spreading disgrace to Madonna and her crew, bravely went down in the annals of history to reveal that Nancy Reagan had fallen for the entire MGM set, she’s so beautiful to me, as a feminist,” New Girl screenwriter Camilla Blackett wrote.

Writer and comedian Zach Helzel brought some introspection into the audience’s response. he expressed, “For the record, there’s nothing wrong with Nancy Reagan being decadent in her youth, just as there’s nothing wrong with Madonna being a provocateur in her 60s. If you really want to find ways these two women are different, see how they responded to AIDS.”

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