Doctor Who New Year’s Day special will continue Flux storyline

Doctor Who: The flow It kind of ended without really making it clear if the titular event – which destroyed most of the universe – was undone, or if things were still in order.

As it turns out, the damage to the universe is still there and it’s something that will continue to be explored and deconstructed in future episodes, specifically New Year’s Eve “Daleks Eve”.

Chris Chibnall confirmed that “The Doctor lands TARDIS in a place she wouldn’t expect to land in order to reset her from the damage she did to Flux in the previous series” (via Radio Times).

“She has to constantly confront the Daleks in a time loop and save the lives of the two people who are there on New Year’s Eve.”

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One of the ways this story from Flux follows is that the Daleks are angry at how they have destroyed nearly all of them in the final episode, sending a new Special Squad to kill the Doctor and her companions.

You may have seen them get annihilated in the next episode preview – is this part of the time loop?

“These are the Daleks executing,” the viewer added. “They have slightly different weapons and they have very clear objectives for this.

“They’re not trying to destroy the world. They’re trying to destroy the Doctor in exchange for what was done for the Daleks at the end of the previous series.”

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Deals Doctor Special Festive

James BardonBBC

Jodie Whitaker will be joined in the New Year’s Eve special by Mandeep Gill as Yaz and John Bishop as Dan, as well as guest stars Aisling Pia as Sarah, Adjani Salmon as Nick, and Pauline McClain.

The special is the first of three to air in 2022, with a second airing in the spring and a third – which will see the renewal of Dr. Judy – broadcast as part of the BBC’s centenary celebrations in the fall.

Doctor from New Year’s Day returns for BBC One and BBC iPlayer. In the US, the show airs on BBC America, with series 1-12 available on HBO Max.

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