Doctor Who’s Mandip Gill teases confusing New Year’s Day special

Doctor from Fans are eagerly awaiting the upcoming New Year’s Eve special titled Eve of the Daleks, which will feature Old Enemies and start a trio of specials for 2022 marking the end of showrunner Chris Chipnall and Judy Whitaker as Doctor Who.

As more and more details emerge about the special feature, we’re slowly putting together a picture of what we can expect from a file Doctor from An episode depicting Aisling Bea and Adjani Salmon, time loops, and our heroes trapped in a warehouse with the destroyed Daleks.

Mandeep Gill, who plays Comrade Yaz, quipped that the episode would be too confusing — but then again, in any episode of Doctor from No?

BBC Studios/James Bardon

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Talking to Doctor Who magazineShe explained, “We did a lot of running, and it was very confusing at times. Being trapped in a time loop, we repeat the same scenes as we approach midnight.”

Each time they filmed a scene, it would be for a different version of time as the episode kept re-setting, and Jill “had to ask ‘director Anita Lover’ ‘Which version is this again?'” “I knew right away.”

John Bishop as Dan and Mandeep Gill as Yaz in Doctor Who Flows Episode 1

BBC Studios/James Bardon

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She added, “I’m excited to see her. When you read on paper it’s hard to imagine what she would be like. But it was fun filming her. It was great having Aisling Bea with us. She’s so funny. So funny. We had such a great time. Plus we’ll be fighting the Daleks.” once again! “

Everything else we know about the New Year’s special comes from the trailer, which airs after the end of season 13 flow. We see storage owner, Sarah, a customer, The Doctor, Yaz, and Dan (John Bishop) all trapped with updated Daleks in a storage unit.

Doctor Who: The flow (also known as Series 13) is available to stream on BBC iPlayer in the UK. In the US, the show airs on BBC America, with series 1-12 available on HBO Max.

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