Don’t Look Up review: Netflix star-studded satire is hellishly unfunny

There is bleak credibility for do not searchA Netflix comedy about the end of the world directed by Adam McKay. In it, scientists discovered that a planet-killing comet is heading straight to Earth, and our window to avoid extinction is incredibly narrow. When this breaking news is presented to the US government, the response is most reasonable: Do nothing.

This is not so much a deep insight as a reasonable conclusion drawn from current events. Recurring armed violence, civil rights crises, or the ongoing response to the pandemic are all positive evidence of a political reality defined by inaction, in which needles move only when legislators’ jobs – or private sector profits – are at stake. do not search She has little to offer other than this, and even less laughs.

The film begins with astronomy student Kate Dipasky (Jennifer Lawrence) discovering an unidentified comet. What begins with a thrilling discovery for a budding astronomer quickly turns into horror as she and her professor Dr. Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio) calculate the path of a comet, discovering that it is on a collision course with Earth.

Photo: Niko Tavernise/Netflix

Written by Mackay from a story by film director and politician David Sirota, do not search is a 138-minute tour through what, for lack of a better term, we might call “discourse,” the economy of cultural-political interest through which major events are filtered by many competing interests. It starts at the top: The President (Meryl Streep) is waving news of Kate and Dr. Mindy because she’s so consumed by the political scandal that she can’t even see her for a day. She’s too busy figuring out how to respond to her Supreme Court nominee’s nudist leak.

The government refused Kate and Dr. Mindy to turn to the media. The reception is no better. Traditional publications are only concerned with social media engagement, retreating under threat of a lawsuit, while daytime TV shows are mostly concerned with Randall’s meme-worthy looks. For the general public, the meteor becomes a real test of personal politics.

Great offers stay! do not search Afloat, albeit barely. Tyler Perry and Cate Blanchett are delightfully tacky talk show hosts, Timothée Chalamet is the breath of fresh air in the late game as a reborn skater punk, and Lawrence and DiCaprio are both too talented actors to hope that MacKay can turn things around. The end never goes out.

Astronomers Dr. Randall Mindy and Kate Dipasky sit on a morning show called The Daily Rip, hosted by Cate Blanchett and Tyler Perry, on Netflix's Don't Look Up.

Photo: Niko Tavernise/Netflix

in all this do not search It becomes an act of exhausting good behavior. It is not interesting to see this cycle play out in a hypothetical context because this particular media circus is already repetitive due to nausea. Mackay is wasting his talented group by making them work for almost nothing, because his movie doesn’t have much to say about him. Why We’re trapped in these cycles, and they don’t seem to deliver anything beyond the best results during the few bad months online. If jokes about daytime television, internet memes, or political incompetence were any more entertaining, that would be something to be tolerated. Humor is subjective, but giving an example of do not searchCertain jokes sound like spoilers, depriving you of one of the three times you’ll likely experience a real laugh.

McKay’s former satirical comedy The Big Short And viceAlthough divisive, it clearly focuses on the strong. They were satirical works of mockery of American economics and politics, operating on the assumption that their respective audiences were kept informed. It was easy to join when The Big Short Digestion led to the collapse of the 2007 mortgage crisis, and arguably less so vice Dive into the career of former Vice President Dick Cheney.

do not search He doesn’t have a clear goal, so he swings on everyone. His worst part is when he stops showing people on their phones. They tweet stupidity, engage in stupid viral challenges, indulge in propaganda and formulate conspiracy theories. at any time do not searchThe text shows an interest in why these people are doing these things, or what is causing these phenomena online. Despite this being a central aspect of his story, Mackay doesn’t seem to think it’s worth studying. There is a word for this: contempt.

do not search It is currently showing in theaters and will premiere on Netflix on December 24.

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