‘Dynasty’ Recap: Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere — Fallon, Dead Or Alive?

This question was over all Dynasty Fan Mind Enters Monday Season Premiere: How’s Fallon Carrington Walking after being shot earlier this year?

The two-part premiere didn’t waste time answering that question, and opened the show with a news report on..the murder of Fallon?! Look, after this show held up a rodeo—including three Crystals and every Alexis—we’d be lying if we said we didn’t think, at least for a split second, that we’d actually seen another Liz Gillies.

Fortunately, despite what Channel Six might think, Fallon Carrington is still alive. “Anjad? People actually think I’m dead?!” the victim screamed from her hospital bed. Nor can we blame her exactly for her fear; Not only were they the subject of fake news, but the image they were using was shocking.

After being forced by the hospital to let her out early, Fallon spent the rest of the hour doing damage control in her work and marriage, eventually confronting a shooter in prison. But Eva refused to retract any of the harmful secrets she leaked to the press about Fallon and Colin. In fact, she doubled down on her crime, adding that her only regret was losing her actual target – Liam!

Meanwhile, Liam quietly spent the hour away from Fallon, unable to forget that Coleen was the last person she kissed. A quick paraphrase of Eva’s entire disaster led to a heated argument, which ended with Liam shouting, “You did this to us! I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to forgive you for this.” But Fallon again robs him of the role of the victim by suddenly fainting. In this way, Fallon is back in the hospital – and in a coma.

Monday’s 2 o’clock jumped two weeks ahead, and Fallon is still in a coma. At Liam’s request, the Carrington family visits her to share happy holiday memories, hoping they will wake her up. Unfortunately, that’s the opposite news Liam received from Fallon’s doctors, who basically shrugged their shoulders and had no idea when she would wake up.

In the end, all it took was a happy dream about her future with Liam (and their children!) to wake Fallon from her coma. God bless us, every one!

Other developments worth discussing…

* Amanda did no detective work at all, deducing that Adam killed Dr. Larson and pinning the killing on Alexis, although we begin to doubt her spying skills when she chooses to confront her brother before she even gathers a stitch of evidence. So Adam becomes proactive, stealing a lock of Alexis’ hair (more like a clump!) while visiting a prison, and transplanting it to prevent Alexis from getting bail. But when Amanda finds out that the 9-1-1 call was made from La Mirage, Adam really starts to panic, trying to trick several hospital staff into guaranteeing him.

*Thanks to a well-timed entry into Jeff’s hospital room, Dominic now knows the truth of what (and who!) brought Brady to Atlanta. Try to pull everything out I was striped, but now I have real feelings for you! Routine, but Dom didn’t have any of it. However, when she found out Brady was in trouble with some dangerous men, she and Jeff stick their necks out to save him… before banishing him from Atlanta “forever.”

*After discovering that Peto also owned a gun at Blake’s campaign event, Crystal formally gave it to Brother the shoe, both from her life and from their company. Honestly, we’re a little concerned that Beto is shaping up to be a villain – we had high hopes for him and Sam. More than anything, we’re more curious about Beitou’s new friend… who looks like Much like his sister.

* Realizing that he did not actually want to become a Senator, Blake informed Crystal that he had ended his campaign.

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