‘Dynasty’ Season 5: Is Steven Returning? — TV Questions

We have questions, and you (maybe) have answers! As another week of TV shows goes by, we’re asking questions left and right about dozens of shows including Saturday Night LiveAnd Emilie Dynasty in Paris And wheel of time!

1 | Wouldn’t it make more sense? Saturday Night LiveA temporary Christmas episode to load all of its new graphics (plus a weekend update), before revisiting the supposed classics?

2 | Was it a bit objective at TBS Harry Potter: Hogwarts Home Championships Quizzer contest, Hufflepuff came from behind to beat Slytherin? Were you hoping for “Text Inversion”?

3 | Were you surprised that this was so small? 1883 Was Tom Hanks given to do in that episode 2 a cameo?

4 | The second power book Fans: Even though it was a little too short, wouldn’t you kind of wish the show had Omari Hardwick do the voiceover for Ghost’s letter to Tariq?

5 | Do UnsafeLawrence only picks fights at Derek and Tiffany’s parties? Should they stop inviting him?

6 | After ignoring Stephen’s existence for so long, why Dynasty Suddenly dropping his name left and right? Are we ready for the wayward Carrington’s long-awaited return to Atlanta?

7 | Have you ever guessed that Fox, of all networks, would be the first to cancel their New Year’s Eve plans due to the recent spike in COVID cases brought about by the Omicron variant?

8 | employment The bacheloretteDid you feel like the camera stayed on Brandon’s ugly cry for two minutes? Good grief!!

9 | Why Emily in Paris Acting like leeks, a rare vegetable in America? And who else has Mindy’s song from the season finale, “Mon Sulli,” stuck in their heads?

10 | Are you surprised by that hookClint and Kate allowed (if not invited) LARPers to put themselves in harm’s way? At the end of the day, was Eleanor’s most sinister act of throwing a company holiday party on Christmas Eve? Was everyone a little too sure of settling down during the ice rink skirmish? Shall we put Linda Cardellini’s chalk on? dead to me Season 3 commitments to apparent green screen use in Laura’s encounter with Clint?

11 | during the Kennedy Center Honors, were you surprised not to see some SNLEarly life stars (such as Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Garrett Morris, and Jane Curtin) join in on the Lorne Michaels homage? And what about newer vets, like Will Ferrell and Tina Fey?

12 | we know systas She loves bush abyss, but under what circumstances could Robin and Gary double Andy’s team if Robin had already won her heart? Do you like scandal Greetings and Fatima’s way of handling things in her white Olivia Pope dress? and on The Tyler Perry Show: Post-Show Edition by SystasWas it sweet or weird that the series creator played the matchmaker with his solo stars? Do you think these “couples” will actually go on dates? (Or did we just give the BET+ idea for a reality show?)

13 | We are aware of And like that… He didn’t have good options after Willie Garson’s death, but didn’t the way Stanford wrote feel surprising and unnatural? And is he really going to divorce Anthony with a message, like La Berger’s infamous Post-it breakup?

14 | Have any hardcore Trekkies taken notes Star Trek the episode that eleventh stationYoung Kirsten Was Watching Episode 4? Put a Phaser for Easter Eggs!

15 | In the wheel of time end of the season (brake alert!), the show apparently wanted to save a few bucks by making actress Madeline Madden simply “freeze” in place during that lost amount of time, but seeing the breeze blow Egwen’s braid (while baby was perfectly lying, still eerily still) around you pulled you off of This delusion?

16 | Any title replayed this week was highly inaccurate: Adele One only one night the last Time: An evening with Tony Bennett and Lady GagaAnd alive In front of the studio audience, or Annie Live?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other questions you’re interested in sharing!

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