EastEnders’ Jessica Plummer says The Girl Before was daunting

East Enders Actress Jessica Plummer described her role in it the girl before It is “too hard”.

In the new BBC One four-part thriller, she stars as The pivotal character Emma Matthews, who moves into a simple and sinister home designed by Edward David Oyelowo.

And although she considered this very opportunity to be unmissable, Plummer recently admitted it Radio Times He pulled her out of her comfort zone.


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“We filmed it in Bristol, and I remember the first week I was there, it was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s probably how I felt when I was on my first day of school,'” she recalls.

“The entire casting process was done via Zoom, so I didn’t actually meet anyone face to face until we were in the thick of it. So, it’s definitely very tedious.

“in a East EndersEven though you may be on different teams, you know everyone, so they are familiar. As reassuring and reassuring as this familiarity with everyone is, being in something like this with new people is just another opportunity to learn new things.”

BBC and HBO Max girl by, with gugu mbatharaw


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Elaborating on this mindset, Plummer went on to explain, “I find it really exciting to be meeting…not necessarily actors, but you know — we’ve become a family from the camera department to the makeup department.

“It just felt like we were all little bits of a puzzle connected together that made the most beautiful picture and yes, it didn’t take long before I really felt comfortable with everyone.”

Elsewhere on the show crew, loki Stars Gugu Mbatha-Row as Jane Cavendish and co-star Albert Squire opposite Ben Hardy as Simon.

the girl before Broadcast on BBC One.

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