Elizabeth Hurley celebrates COVID booster in leopard bikini

Elizabeth Hurley appeared in a leopard bikini to celebrate receiving a COVID booster. (Photo by Dominic Bendel/Getty Images)

Elizabeth Hurley celebrates in the sun.

the Royal family Alum, 56, took to Instagram to share some news with her followers. She posted a photo of herself in a leopard print bikini dress and white robe on the beach, hands to the sky, captioning the hilarious photo, “Yeeeessssss! Covid poster today. Thank you.”

Hurley’s followers praised the post, and one wrote, “Wow! Glad you stayed safe!” and another added, “This picture is an Instagram booster!”

The model, who lives in the UK but has recently been spending a lot of time at the beach filming her holiday movie Christmas in the CaribbeanShe previously took to Instagram to share when she received her initial vaccine doses in May.

“Thank you to the NHS for the second Astra Zeneca Covid vaccine,” she captioned a photo of herself holding a pin honoring frontline healthcare workers. “I am so grateful. Thank you to all the brave NHS workers who have sacrificed so much to keep us safe. All my family members in my age group and above are now vaccinated. All my younger family members will be registered as soon as their age groups open. I am very looking forward to downloading a guide My vaccinations are from the NHS app.”

Hurley also routinely posts pictures of herself wearing a swimsuit from her swimwear collection, a project she especially loves. I told Extra TV Earlier this year, her many beach Instagram photos featured, “I have my own swimwear line. I wouldn’t normally walk around wearing a lot of beachwear, so there’s a reason I’m going out for a walk in a lot of swimwear.”

lately , Austin powers Farewell to the Caribbean star, writing in an Instagram post, “Bye bye to the glorious Caribbean – it was a blast – despite a sprained ankle. Thank you to the #christmasinthecar Caribbean crew and crew for working around me with such grace and humor.”

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