Elliot Page Celebrates Christmas After Coming Out as Transgender Last Year: ‘Sending Some Love’

Elliot page

Elliot’s Instagram page

Elliot Page is publicly celebrating his first birthday since coming out as transgender.

The actor, 34, shared a photo of himself on Instagram as he celebrated the holiday with his (furry) loved ones.

On Christmas Eve, Paige shared a selfie with his puppy Mo, writing, “Sending some love from us ❤️☃️💚”.

The post received many nice responses from fellow celebrities. wrote “my king” 13 Reasons Why Actress Tommy Dorfman, who re-presented herself as a transgender woman earlier this year on A time interview. Umbrella AcademyShowrunner Steve Blackman commented, “❤️❤️❤️❤️”.

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The page appeared as transient in December 2020 in an honest statement on his Twitter page.

In April, Paige spoke to Oprah Winfrey for Apple TV + opera conversation About feeling free to live his life openly as a transgender man.

“It’s this interesting duality in a way that on some level makes it seem like the most miraculous and amazing thing—it’s also just an experience of, ‘Oh, here I am,'” Paige told Winfrey at the time.

Elliot Page, opera

Elliot Page, opera

+ Apple TV

“Part of me was like, ‘Oh my God, why was that so hard?'” Why? ” Umbrella Academy Share the actor. “Why has society made access to this place of my life – because that’s the situation we’re in. And yes, that was probably driving my friends crazy, sending them profile pictures after having a great surgery and how different I felt afterwards and all this space.”

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in a Vanity Fair An article published in the same month, Page said that when he was a young child, he knew “perfectly” that he was a boy.

I was writing fake love letters and Jason would sign them. “Every little aspect of my life, that’s who I am, and what I used to be myself,” he told the magazine. “I couldn’t understand when I was told, ‘No, you are not. No, you can’t be that way when you grow up. “”

Paige added, “Now I’m finally going to get myself back to feeling the way I am, it’s so beautiful and unusual, and there’s sadness to it in some way.”

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