Emmys changes rules about comedy and drama based on runtime

Jason Sudeikis at the 2021 Emmys

Jason Sudeikis at the 2021 Emmys
Photo: Rich Fury (Getty Images)

Live broadcasts have closed the gap between what constitutes a straightforward drama or comedy on TV nowadays. The Emmys acknowledge the shifting landscape with a stretch Change a new rule. Starting next year, when the show’s episode will run will not determine which of the two main categories it falls under.

It’s an interesting permutation for shows with fluctuating episode lengths, like this year’s Outstanding Comedy Award winner. Ted LassoAnd whose second season saw several outings by the end lasting approximately 45 minutes each. It also affects shows like Netflix Cobra KaiAnd which received an Outstanding Comedy nomination even though the show veers more in the direction of its dramatic material.

As standard practice, Television Academy automatically designates half-hour shows as comedy, even if they contain dramatic elements, while longer episodes are automatically counted as drama.

The rule was officially formalized in 2015. The only requirement was that potential candidates had to choose whether they wanted to change their category, and they could only do so once. It’s how episodes longer than 30 minutes are shown, like The wonderful Mrs. Maisel And hostess, competing as a comedian.

However, thanks to the rise of dramas on streaming platforms, this rule is being changed again. according to diverseProducers will now simply select category shows, except for shows under 20 minutes, which will be short. The Academy’s industry body reserves the right to review product preferences.

The academy has also made some other changes, starting with the rating of that limited series It will only be for shows whose story arcs unravel during the season with no main characters appearing in future seasons. this means white lotus, which started as a limited show but will have one or two seasons (with Jennifer College returnees) in the Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series.

Music moderators will only win in their category rather than share it with the show makers, Outstanding Stunt Format has been divided into two categories (one for Comedy or Variety and Single for Drama or Limited/Anthologies), and vocal performers With multiple characters in an episode or series he can send them all as long as they’re a separate entry. Perhaps next year, Nick Kroll will truly dominate this category big mouth.

These changes come after another major change was announced just a few days ago: reorganization The Primetime and Daytime Emmys.


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