ESPN channels may exit YouTube TV

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Earlier this year, YouTube TV and NBC struck an 11-hour deal to keep Peacock’s various channels on the popular streaming service. Now, the clock is ticking on various Disney-owned networks, including ESPN and its four-letter brethren.

As was the case when negotiations were taking place with NBC, YouTube TV said the monthly price paid by consumers would be reduced, if Disney-owned channels were removed from the lineup as of Friday, December 17.

“We welcome a renewed agreement on the condition that we can reach fair terms with Disney,” explains an email Monday from YouTube TV to its customers. However, if we can’t work out a deal by Friday, Disney-owned channels will no longer be available on YouTube TV from December 17, and we’ll reduce the monthly price by $15, from $64.99 to $49.99 (while Disney content remains) from our platform).

stay tuned ESPN has three more games Monday night after tonight, and a playoff game.

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