Everything to Know About Josh Duggar’s Sister

Jana Duggar

Jana Duggar / Instagram

A day after Josh Duggar was found guilty of receiving and possessing child sexual abuse material, news emerged of a child endangerment charge brought by his sister Jana Duggar in September.

the count on Alum, 31, has kept a relatively low profile since the TLC show was canceled earlier this year following Josh’s pornography accusations. The last time she updated her Instagram followers was on October 8 with a clip of her and her two sisters Joy-Anna and Jessa visiting a vintage market in Northwest Arkansas.

Prior to this, Jana would occasionally post pictures with friends and family, including her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and several of her siblings.

According to a Washington County court document obtained by PEOPLE on Friday, Jana received an application to endanger the welfare of a minor on September 9, and has since pleaded not guilty to the charge. The document did not reveal the circumstances surrounding the charge.

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Jana was first highlighted 19 kids and counting (Previously 17 kids and counting) in 2008. She is the eldest daughter of Duggar and the second eldest of Jim Bob and Michelle’s children, after her brother Josh. Jana is also a twin of brother John David.

Jill, Jessa, Ginger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jeddia, Jeremiah, Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johanna, Jennifer, Jordan-Grace, and Josie.

Jana currently lives in Tontitown, Arkansas, and according to her Instagram, she’s working on a home remodel. Last year, she opened up about her relationship status and what she’s looking for in a partner during an episode of count on.

“I used to be a little stricter,” she revealed at the time. “I felt like I just wanted to find someone moving to Arkansas, or actually from here, but I guess over time, I’ve found that I like traveling more than I ever expected. So now, it’s like, well, if I really like this guy, I will follow him to the ends of the earth. I will go wherever he is. So far I have not found that person.”

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While eight of her 18 siblings were married, Jana said she was completely satisfied with being single. She also revealed that she often gets questions about why she couldn’t find the question.

“Most of my siblings got married at a very young age,” she said. Some people are like, ‘Are you picky? I’m like, ‘I don’t think so.’

Jana said she is comfortable with those who are essential to her – and is open to moving on to the right man. “When he comes, he doesn’t have to stay in Arkansas,” she admitted. “It’s just that I must love you so much that I would go with you.”

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In September 2020, Jana shared a shot of her and her mum, Michelle, along with a heartfelt greeting in honor of Mother Duggar’s birthday.

“Mom – where do I begin?! She has done so much for each of us and countless others. She loves us, cares for us, and prays with us,” she wrote.

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Jana described her mother as an “encourager” and a “listening” personality. She added, “Life wasn’t always easy, but through it all she continued to have a cheerful appearance, a forgiving heart, and a deep love for others—whatever it may be!”

“My mother always encourages us to love and serve God and others. She has spent countless many hours helping each and every one of us memorize God’s Word. Gifts and gadgets may break or fade, but God’s Word we’ve memorized will always be in our hearts!”

Jana concluded the post, “Love you so much, Mom! Happy birthday!”

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