Fan ejected for transphobic Nyla Rose sign at AEW wrestling event

An AEW Dynamite fan was fired Wednesday after holding a banner mocking transgender wrestler Nyla Rose.

A spectator near the ring row at the Greensboro Coliseum hoists a sign that reads “Nyla Rose is that man’s father” with an arrow pointing to his left.

Rose was competing in a match against Robbie Soho. I spotted the fan and turned it over.

Rose’s significant other, who uses the alias @kelthecelt on Twitter, said fans were kicked out by security.

“AEW’s security team is absolutely amazing,” she said chirp. “Take the guy outside. Just because it wasn’t fast enough for some of you, it doesn’t mean they haven’t done their job. Their number one priority is to protect actively working talent.”

In 2019, Rose spoke to Sports Illustrated about her move.

“My mom made no secret of how proud she was of me before (moving in) and how I delivered the child she wanted,” Rose said. “I never wanted to take that away from her. On some level I felt like I was going to steal her happiness, as crazy as that sounds.

Nyla Rose spoke to Sports Illustrated in 2019 about her move.
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“there was [eventually] Point of no return where I was like, I have to do this for me. I’m sorry. I tried to be what you wanted me to be. I tried to live for other people, but at some point I had to stop doing it for my health and well-being. I had to be myself.”

As for the fans: Talk about wasting an opportunity to be ringside, something that many wrestling fans can only dream of their entire lives.


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