Fans are Actually Proud of Amy Slaton for Once

1000 lb sisters It is all about the progression of Amy and Tammy Slatoon. Whether it’s losing weight or setting boundaries with family members, TLC viewers love seeing when the Slaton sisters are making changes. Unfortunately, over the past three seasons, not many changes have been made. Tammy’s health was headed in the wrong direction, and Chris Combs gained almost all of his weight back. So far, Amy has been the only one to make a change and fans are taking notice.

Amy Slaton and Tammy Slaton from “1000 Pound Sisters” | TLC

The cockroach portal on the ‘1,000-pound sisters’

During a recent episode, Amy talked about how much she hates the condition of her home. She and her husband, Michael Haltermann, hired professionals to help them declutter their home. But even so, they had a problem with cockroaches and mice. Since Amy has been in the public eye, cockroaches have been featured in her YouTube videos and above 1000 lb sisters.

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