Fans Come to Vivica A. Fox’s Defense After Being Asked Why She Never Had Kids

Vivica A Fox Fans want to know that just because she’s not a biological mother doesn’t mean she doesn’t have or love children.

In a video shared by Tik user Tokiamkiraj, Fox, 57, is seen answering fans’ questions at an unspecified event. An audience member asks the “Set It Off” actress if she ever thought about adopting a child so she could be a mother and “leave her legacy,” to which Fox carefully replied that she doesn’t consider herself childless.

Vivica A Fox. (Photo: @msvfox/Instagram)

“I got six pods. Don’t think about it because I haven’t had kids I don’t have kids. I have six sons, and I don’t feel like a less fulfilled woman. Period.” She said with wide eyes to the audience’s laughter.

The “Soul Food” star went on to explain that while she loves children, she has never had a child of her own because she hasn’t met the man she wanted to start a family with, even though she did get close to him.

‘I love children. Please don’t get me wrong I absolutely love children. In my life, it was a profession or children, and I’ve never met the man I could have children with. I didn’t. She almost made that mistake, and three months before my family said,’ Absolutely not!” And I lost a whole bunch of money and deposits and this, this and the third, but I trust my family,” she said, possibly referring to her previous engagement to Atlanta club promoter Omar “Slim” White, which was called off in 2011.

My family was like, ‘Uh uh. Now. And that here you’ll have to deal with for another 18 years? Hell for Nao. No ma’am. No ma’am, you won’t. “

“I have six god children,” Fox added. “When God took my chance to have children, he sent me my godmother.”

Fans wasted no time in supporting Vivica and applauding her for refusing to settle.

“Having children isn’t for everyone and it’s totally okay”

“Children are not a necessity!!!”

“A lot of people complain about legacies and can’t name them [laughing with tears emoji]”

Vivica A. Fox shares her thoughts on life without children.  @iamkiraj / TikTok

Vivica A. Fox shares her thoughts on life without children. @iamkiraj / TikTok

Some fans also hoped that the questions successful women ask about having children and motherhood in general will stop.

“I’ve never seen a man ask this.”

“I really wish people would stop asking this question to women

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