Fans Go Wild Over Audrey & Jeremy Roloff’s Latest Pic

People love to see beautiful holiday family photos. When the family matches, all the better. Audrey and Jeremy Roloff did not disappoint when it came to their sweet pictures this year.

Fans were not only delighted with the adorable shots of Ember, Bode and Radley, but were also treated to a video of the two older kids. Bode shouts Eggnog excitedly. His family can be heard in the background encouraging him to shout the word out before he dies of laughter.

Jeremy Roloff and family looked amazing

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey dressed up their family in cute holiday outfits and took cute pictures. There is even one happy couple kissing. Mom and Ember match in pretty plaid dresses.

Audrey rocked a red lip and plaid headband. Boddy is adorable with red suspenders and Jeremy looks elegant in his Christmas jumpsuit.

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey, Instagram

Audrey captioned the photo, “Merry Christmas Eve! We realized how much squash loves eggnog tonight. I wish you all the best day tomorrow making memories, cherishing traditions, and celebrating Emmanuel – God is with us.”

The kids stole the show

Youngest Jeremy Roloff and Audrey were hanging out in a Christmas sweater and winter socks with a pacifier. The cute baby is warm and comfortable despite the mess around him.

Jeremy Roloff, Instagram

Fans rushed at the kids. Someone said, “Hey girl, it’s totally overrated,” about Bodhi. Another said, “Precious girl make up Ember.” Both children are full of life and excited for Christmas.

There was one Bodhi and Jeremy that Audrey absolutely loved. They are shown dressed, walking and holding hands.

She said, “My favorite picture of these two. I’m actually going to print and frame this picture (I’m so bad at doing it) These two look so much alike that it’s mind-blowing…and not just in their eyes and lips.” She said they were both very kind-hearted and had no sense of urgency.

Jeremy Roloff, Instagram

Audrey said they would eat anything put in front of them. She also said, “They both have this way of walking around without anyone noticing.” One fan said, “There are no words to express the beauty of this photo! You are really blessed.” Another said, “I absolutely love your description of them, so sweet.”

Ember and Bode also met the Grinch in a different shot. She said Ember was like Cindy Lou Ho. Audrey asked, “Which of anyone else’s kids are more fascinated with Grench than Santa?” One fan was surprised that they were so calm. She said, “I would have been so afraid of that Grinch of their age!”

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